Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Peyton!

Today my little baby boy is 3 today! I can't believe it! I don't know how we got so lucky to have such a sweet boy. As we speak he is giving me a big hug and saying 'I love you so much!'. He just gave his sister a hug and kiss and said he loved her too! Some quick facts about Peyton:

  • Favorite activities: playing cars, sticker books, play-do, sports (baseball, football, golfing, etc.). Although he doesn't get to do it a whole lot, he has really enjoyed fishing and LOVES to camp.
  • He has quite the imagination already and has started telling stories.
  • He DOES NOT like to take naps or go to bed.
  • Gives random compliments often (I like your hair, I like your blue shirt, etc).
  • Loves to gives kisses and hugs (most of the time).
  • He is the best big brother around, he just loves his baby sister.
  • When you tell him it time to go to bed, take a bath or take a nap he often says 'I better run!' and takes off for laps around the house!
  • He says 'Just a moment Mommy, I almost done, just a moment, okay?'.
  • He can put a 24 piece puzzle together faster than a 3 year old should be able too! He just loves his puzzles.
  • Favorite foods: raisins, cheerios, milk, Mema's monster cookies (thats my boy!), freeze dried fruit from Costco and jerky/pepperoni sticks. Of course he would eat as many M&M's as you'd give him or as many chips as he could!
  • He loves to be outside even if its cold and windy.
  • Not sure why, but he often asks if he can do certain things like make a mess, make noise, run, play with his cars, read books. It cracks me up!
  • He likes to sing. One of his favorite songs is his ABC's. He also likes Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Stinky Stinky Diaper Change.
I need to start writing down the things that he says as he is always coming up with something.
Here are a few pics of him at Haystack fishing with Chris a couple weekends ago. Maddy and I went out to find them, but never did. I didn't drive far enough into the campground.

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pamala said...

Great pics!!! Happy birthday to Peyton!


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