Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quilts, Cosmo Cricket and Kindle Cover

Hello All! First off, I want to apologize for yet more bad pictures. I'm having a hard time finding good light in the house and figuring out my new camera.
Julie over at Cosmo Cricket recently posted about quilts. It got me to reminiscing about my quilting and quilts that I have. One summer while I was home from college working I got the itch to make a quilt. I spent time at work doodling on grid paper and came up with a design (Shh...don't tell my parents, who I worked for, haha!). This is what I ended up with:
I still have fun pulling it out and looking at the pictures I put on it.
Chris (before we got together) was working at a mail and copy center I used to get my photos onto fabric. I remember walking in and thinking he was kinda cute! Now, we had known of each other a long time, but I knew his brother better and he knew my cousin better! Anyhow, that was the start of Chris and me meeting, so the quilt has extra special meaning to me!
Next is this pretty quilt:
My senior year of high school, my mom was going to make me a quilt for my dorm room. My high school band was looking at doing a fundraiser to raise money for a trip we were going to take. My mom volunteered to donate the quilt for a raffle. :-( I was quite sad, but she promised to make me another quilt. Of course I hit up everyone I knew to buy tickets. One of our families good friends, who I love to pieces, ended up winning it! I was stoked that at least someone I knew and loved won it. Guess what? She gave it back to me! :-) How cool is that? So this quilt has special meaning too!
And a close up:

Now onto Cosmo Cricket. Julie has beem posting challenges the past three weeks. Every project created for and linked to her challenge counts as $5 to a good cause. How cool is that? I think that is such a generous and kind thing to do! I have played along the last two weeks and wanted to play along this week. Julie challenged us to create a project using the color yellow. You can use whatever Cosmo Cricket products you have (fabric, papers, etc). I started out trying to make a card. I wasn't so happy with it....

So I decided now would be a good time to make the kindle cover I had been wanting to make. I just so happened to have some yummy Cosmo Cricket fabrics on hand. I originally got the idea to make this cover on Pinterest. But seeing as I living in a itsy bitsy little itty bitty town and not being able to find the products she used, I ended up doing my own thing with what I had on hand!
Here it is! I took an old hard back book and cut out the pages. I then took some thin batting I bought at the thrift store and hot glued it to the cover. I then hot glued the yellow fabric on top. I flipped it over and cut a piece of thin cardboard to fit inside and covered it with a coordinating fabric. Before gluing it onto the hardback book piece, I punched holes using my Big Bite and put eyelets in those holes. Thank goodness I hadn't purged all those darn eyelets that are 10 years old! haha! I then put some elastic through the eyelets and tied knots for the elastic to stay in place. The elastic I found at a garage sale over the summer in a bag of odds and ends I bought. I am pretty sure it is vintage looking at the card it came on. 6 yards for 15 cents! I then glued the inside in. The cover kept popping open. So I decided to make a closure for it. I grabbed one of Maddy's hairbands and a couple buttons and sewed them on. Here are some more photos of it:
I had a Kindle Cover, but the elastic pieces were a PAIN to get the Kindle in and out of. So I made mine quite a bit bigger and a bit looser to make it very easy to get the kindle in and out.
I love that the picture above reflects my all time favorite decor piece I have made using the Cosmo Cricket Wanted line. :-)

Now the cover is kinda boring. I do plan on adding something. I am just home with two very sick little kiddos and not sure I will get time before the challenge ends and wanted to share this project!

I love how it turned out. The hubby was quite impressed at first, then realized it was in green and yellow and decided after all he didn't like it! Haha! On that note, GO BEAVS! And in my defense, this yellow and green is TOTALLY diffferent!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Cosmo Cricket Layout and Altered Tin

Hello all! I hope your week went well and you have something to look forward to this weekend!

I can't remember if I shared this layout already or not. Since I broke my thumb drive my photo storage system is a mess!
I used the Cosmo Cricket Circa 1934 line. The colors in the photos threw me off and this line seemed to be a great fit. The pictures are from Thanksgiving 2010. My mom wanted a picture of her, my dad and all the grandkids. I am so very lucky that my parents are so involved in all the grandkids lives and make an effort to get us all together, even though it usually means total chaos.
I pleated a little crepe paper behind the chipboard piece. I also added a couple beads to the stick pins to make them pop out more.

Have you noticed my trend lately? I have so little crafty time these days and so many different projects I want to do as well as photos to scrap. So I am creating a lot more double pagers and multi photo layouts.

Speaking of Cosmo Cricket. Have you checked out their blog lately? They have been posting challenges and for every person that plays along they will donate to a good cause. The amount and cause have changed (two challenges so far). You can see the second, current challenge here. Julie challenge us to alter a tin. I just so happen to have a good size tub of alterable items (tins, boxes, etc). I went and grabbed a smaller container and went to work. Unfortunately I didn't much time and my mojo was low. This is what I ended up with:
I filled it with caramel kisses for Peyton's gymnastics teacher. The picture is horrible...I'm sorry. We have had such off weather I am struggling at getting good pictures! I can't take anything out side as we have had so much wind I think it would blow away!

I started volunteering in Peytons class room. I have been doing it for parties, but decided to start going in at least once a week. Last week I went in twice and I did so again this week. I absolutely LOVE Peyton's teacher. She is FABULOUS! She is totally okay with Maddy going in with me too which is a huge bonus for me. Both kids LOVE going into her classroom. Peyton and Maddy ask me to go in almost every day.
Maddy does fantastic. She sits right there at the table and cuts and cuts and cuts. I don't allow her to play with scissors at home so she thinks this is pretty cool!
She even got to go with the teacher to pick up the kids from PE. She thought that was pretty cool and Peyton was pretty excited to see his baby sister come get them and lead them back to class!

That is it for now! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! The hubs and I are headed out to a yearly event we try to make it out there every year! I am SUPER excited!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Home Decor Project

Cosmo Cricket posted a challenge this past week here. They challenged us to create a project making the world a better place using their products. I have been thinking of making some home decor projects for my bathrooms. I wanted to use quotes I liked and that were good food for thought. I came across this quote:

Before you talk, listen.
Before you react, think.
Before you spend, earn.
Before you quit, try.
~Ernest Hemingway

I have been loving the grey and yellow combo lately. So I decided to dig through my Cosmo Stash to see what I could find. I ended up using a piece of paper from UpCycle and one from Joy Ride as well as some Honeypie chipboard. Here is what I came up with.
I'm not sure I like silver frame. I might pull it out and put it in a black and see if I like it better. That is, if I ever clear out a pathway to my tub of frames in the garage! haha!

Thank you for the great challenge Cosmo Cricket!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Where did the week go?

Man, I can't believe its almost the weekend again! Where did this week go? I just can't seem to keep up with everything or anything these days.

Last Sunday the sun was shining and the outdoors were calling our names. So we loaded up and took off to the lake to go fishing. was so pretty and relaxing! It was chilly, but the sun felt great! When we arrived I asked where my fishing pole was and was informed I can't go fishing cause I needed to renew my license. Nice, right? haha! It is alright though. It was fun to just sit and be.
Peyton is getting pretty good at casting and enjoys his bigger fishing pole.
Maddy thought it was pretty cool she had her own princess pole. I learned to pay close attention to her when it was in her hands. She almost caught a giant fish (me!)!
Time to real em' in and call it a day!

For Valentines I thought it would be fun to do something a little different. I found these cute mailboxes in the dollar spot at Target. I bought some stickers in their current favorite (Mario for Peyton and Princess for Maddy) and let them decorate to their hearts content.

Then on Valentines Day, I told them if the flags were up that it meant they had mail! They had so much fun and begged to continue it on into Wednesday!

The pictures are horrible, I know. I got a new cheap camera this week and am crossing my fingers it is much much better.

I have another layout to share but out of time! We are off to gymnastics!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Recipes and New Layout

Birds of a Feather is having a fun crop this weekend! The Design Team came up with a bunch of fun challenges. Here is my take on the color challenge (pink, limish green and yellow).
I lifted this layout I found on Pinterest. About the picture....Maddy was being naughty (imagine that! haha!) and I put her in her crib for time out. I noticed she had quit yelling and being loud so I went to take her out and this is what I found. Peyton had helped put almost all her toys in her crib and she was quite content to stay right here and play! Everything came from my stash, and some of it is quite old (I'm talking at least 4 years old!). I pulled all the papers from my scrap file and dug deep to find embellies!

Now for some recipes. A recipe I have been wanting to share for some time is this one. The Best Broccoli Of Your Life. While I have a recipe I like better, I still really enjoy this one. If your on Pinterest, you can find it here. Next up is Brazilian Cheese Bread. You can find it here on Pinterest. I have started a file on Pinterest for Recipes I have tried and liked. Back to the rolls. OH.MY.WORD. are they good! My mom made them last weekend at her house and both Chris and I couldn't stop eating them! You make them in the blender! Crazy huh? And here is the cool part. You can refrigerate the the dough mix for up to a week! Perfect for those people that only have one or two to cook for, you can make a couple rolls at a time! They remind me of sopapias.

That is it for me for today! I have a few more layouts to share. I did have a few photos to share. But I accidentally dropped my netbook and it had my thumb drive in it! :-0 Yes, I want to cry, busted my thumb drive to pieces and I lost EVERYTHING! :-(

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Birthday Card and Sign

Over the weekend we celebrated my Grandfather in-laws birthday. I had no clue what to get him. So I set out to make him a special card. I had pinned a card on Pinterest a while back that I thought would work out great. This is the card. I traced the kids hands. Maddy's being the front hand and Peyton's the back.
I cut two hands from each and glued them together to make the card thicker and less flimsy.

Isn't Pinterest addicting? I could spent HOURS and HOURS browsing that site! A while back I came across a sign and fell in love with it. Fast forward a few weeks. I hosted a couponing class at my house recently. The teacher, Dana, has MANY talents. One of them is painting. Check out this sign she made for me...
Yep! It happens to be dang close to the sign I had pinned but 10 times cuter! The sign reads: In this home we are real, we do 2nd chances, we show grace, we say sorry, we give hugs, we do family, we do love...the family of dupont.

Another idea I have seen on Pinterest was the drawer knob that it is hanging by. I took an old wood knob I picked up at a thrift store and painted it black. I then used it as the hanger!

Isn't that cool? I just LOVE it! Dana has an Etsy shop. You can find it here, Selah Signs. Check it out !

Where did I hang the sign? Well, somewhere I would see it often. This is the little wall that I pass by more times than I can count every day. It is in the dining area of the house. I see it when I walk in the house, I see it when I am doing laundry and when I'm cooking and countless other times throughout the day.

I have a layout to share soon! You still there or did that knock you over in surprise? Haha! Yep, I actually scrapped a layout Friday! :-) Birds of a Feather is having a crop this weekend and I sure hope to be able to get some scrappy time in this weekend too! I'd love it if you came and joined us!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Simple Stories Elementary Layouts

I instantly fell in LOVE with the Elementary line by Simple Stories. Truth be told, I have eyed their lines for some time now. I think its the colors, patterns and distressed feel to the papers. When I saw the Elementary Line I knew it would be perfect for Peyton's preschool photos.
Footsteps was the name of the preschool Peyton went too. He was super excited to start off his year there (he had gone a couple months in the previous school year). His teachers were FANTASTIC! I can't wait to send Maddy there next year!
I lifted a layout I had pinned on Pinterest, here. These were pictures from Peyton's graduation. To say that I was about ready to chuck my camera across the room is an understatement. I could not get the darn thing to focus and get a good picture. :-( But I did the best I could and printed the blurry pictures anyway.

Thank you for stopping by!


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