Friday, February 24, 2012

Cosmo Cricket Layout and Altered Tin

Hello all! I hope your week went well and you have something to look forward to this weekend!

I can't remember if I shared this layout already or not. Since I broke my thumb drive my photo storage system is a mess!
I used the Cosmo Cricket Circa 1934 line. The colors in the photos threw me off and this line seemed to be a great fit. The pictures are from Thanksgiving 2010. My mom wanted a picture of her, my dad and all the grandkids. I am so very lucky that my parents are so involved in all the grandkids lives and make an effort to get us all together, even though it usually means total chaos.
I pleated a little crepe paper behind the chipboard piece. I also added a couple beads to the stick pins to make them pop out more.

Have you noticed my trend lately? I have so little crafty time these days and so many different projects I want to do as well as photos to scrap. So I am creating a lot more double pagers and multi photo layouts.

Speaking of Cosmo Cricket. Have you checked out their blog lately? They have been posting challenges and for every person that plays along they will donate to a good cause. The amount and cause have changed (two challenges so far). You can see the second, current challenge here. Julie challenge us to alter a tin. I just so happen to have a good size tub of alterable items (tins, boxes, etc). I went and grabbed a smaller container and went to work. Unfortunately I didn't much time and my mojo was low. This is what I ended up with:
I filled it with caramel kisses for Peyton's gymnastics teacher. The picture is horrible...I'm sorry. We have had such off weather I am struggling at getting good pictures! I can't take anything out side as we have had so much wind I think it would blow away!

I started volunteering in Peytons class room. I have been doing it for parties, but decided to start going in at least once a week. Last week I went in twice and I did so again this week. I absolutely LOVE Peyton's teacher. She is FABULOUS! She is totally okay with Maddy going in with me too which is a huge bonus for me. Both kids LOVE going into her classroom. Peyton and Maddy ask me to go in almost every day.
Maddy does fantastic. She sits right there at the table and cuts and cuts and cuts. I don't allow her to play with scissors at home so she thinks this is pretty cool!
She even got to go with the teacher to pick up the kids from PE. She thought that was pretty cool and Peyton was pretty excited to see his baby sister come get them and lead them back to class!

That is it for now! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! The hubs and I are headed out to a yearly event we try to make it out there every year! I am SUPER excited!


Mara Campbell said...

Great layout, I like the collage style photos and the colors are perfect. And what a fun tin!! I bet it made a great gift!

Heather Landry said...

I think your layout is awesome and I just love the little altered tin. I'm with Mara, I think it was a great gift!

Izzyb said...

Your layout is beautiful and the altered tin is super cute too!

Priya Balan said...
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Rita Barakat said...

Cute projects girly! What a cute tin!

Heather Landry said...

I saw your container on the Cosmo blog! Congrats!!!

Paisley Petals said...

Maddy's hair is so cute! Love your layout - the crepe paper behind the chipboard along with the pins, that is so clever! :)

Cut tin project, I never found my mojo to work on one :(


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