Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Maddy's Checkup

Maddy had another check up yesterday. She weighed in at 11 lbs 8 oz! She measured 22 3/4 inches long! Her doctor said she had caught up with a baby being born full term, which doesn't really surprise us...you should see this girl eat!
Here is a cute picture of her Chris got last night. Yep, the poor little thing also got her immunizations. She wasn't such a happy camper the rest of the day.
She is starting to coo and jabber. Its so darn cute. I really want to record it on the video camera. She is really liking the Baby Einstein mat Peyton had. Although she will only lay there for a little bit. I already know that I am somehow going to have to get a exersaucer for her. She LOVES to sit up and attempt to stand up and does not want to be laid on the ground.

This picture of Peyton is horrible as its so dark, but it cracks me up. He was so proud of himself that he figured out this new trick! I'm not so sure its that cool! lol...I foresee a major head bonking in the future.

Finally here are two more layouts I did using the Cosmo Cricket Snorkel Paper. I am trying a new idea. When I start to use a set of paper, to use it all up rather than try to store a full sheet and few smaller pieces all together. The pictures are from our weekend camping at Pelton Park.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Over the last two weeks I have been using my little 5-10 minutes of spare time to create layouts. So needless to say they are pretty simple. The first two layouts I used the new Cosmo Cricket line called Snorkel that I bought from Memory Works. It is so much fun, I just love it! The You Make Me Happy layout was for a music challenge at Scrapbook Dreamer.
This layout (below) was for an Ad Inspiration Challenge at Citrus Tree. I used pink! Kinda surprised myself on this one. lol...I just love this paper too. I made this layout for a Quickfire Challenge at Citrus Tree (Quickfire meaning its a weekend challenge). The pictures are of Peyton and his cousins dancing in Maurices. They had so much fun and were a hoot to watch!
We've had a pretty good weekend. Chris and I went out to a new pub called Bad Monkey. It was a neat place, nice and clean and SMOKE FREE! YEAH! We met up with some friends we hadn't seen in a while and it was nice to get out just the two of us (kiddos were at my parents). Saturday we got a few things done around the house and just took things easy. I got Peyton's 3rd Birthday invites created, printed and ready to mail. Today Chris is out fishing with a friend and I'm cleaning house, doing laundry and attempting to scrapbook! Maddy has another checkup tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait to see how much she weighs.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I have been asked a lot if I think Maddy looks anything like Peyton. I think the pictures below answer that question! Sorry the first picture (Maddy) is turned. I can't figure out how to fix it!

So what do you think?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Maddy at 2 Months

I missed Maddy's 2 month post! Poor girl, I'm so bad at documenting things!

Here are a few tidbits about Maddy at 2 months:
  • She makes the cutest little noises and makes them a lot!
  • She is awake a lot more, lately she really likes 2am as her awake time!
  • She has a strong neck and loves to lift up her head and look around
  • Her favorite position is still the chest to chest, it seems to be the most calming to her. Although I try not to do it too much as I'm trying to keep her awake more in hopes she will sleep better at night!
  • She is a pretty good eater
  • Her favorite spot is on her tummy on her boppy pillow.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I sure wish my camera would have taken a better picture. Maddy looked so darn cute!

Here is another cute one I got recently.

I think this was the fastest layout ever! It was for the sketch challenge at Citrus Tree. I had it done in about 30 minutes!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Check it out!

I follow the Chatterbox blog and earlier today they asked for their blog readers to e-mail in tips, ideas, techniques, etc. to share with other Chatterbox blog readers. I went ahead and e-mailed a tip in and it was posted on their blog this afternoon! How cool is that. You can see it at:

I have a new layout and some cute pictures to share, but need to get them loaded onto my computer first.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sale Alert!!!

My mom and I ran into Bend today to do a little size trading, returns and shopping. I decided to run into Old Navy real quick and boy am I glad I did. Most of their infant clothing was on sale for $5 a piece! WAHOO!! I got a cute dress and sweater as well as 3 pairs of pants for $25. The sale is good through Thursday. Also if you go to OldNavyWeekly.com, you can find all sorts of coupons. I found one on their for $5 off a purchase of $25 or more. Silly me forgot to print one off before I went though. Its a great time to stock up and/or buy a baby gift or two!

Here is a project I made for my cousins birthday last week. I just had to wait for her to get it before I posted it here. These albums are fun and really easy to make. They just take a lot of adhesive and cardstock! I sure hope she's not getting tired of my hand-made gifts! lol....if ya are Heather...it's okay to tell me, it really won't hurt my feelings! I didn't embellish it a lot as I'm not sure what type of pictures she'll use. Here is the front of the album:
This is what it looks like opened:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Layout

We've been sick all week, well Peyton and I have. Poor Peyton has a high temp he can't seem to kick.

Here is a layout I did over the weekend.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!

I am hoping to get a better picture of Maddy tonight when Chris is home to help me. So far I have remembered to take a picture of her every Monday night (or Tuesday morning :) ). Here she is at 1 week old... Here she was this morning...Her shirt says "Mommy's Lucky Charm".
Yesterday Peyton asked if he could "Please hold baby sister". How can you say no to that? He still loves her very much, constantly giving her hugs and kisses. He's such a wonderful big brother.

I have another layout I want to post, but need to get a picture first. I've been busy attempting to hold both kiddos most of the day (pretty hard when one of them can't hold their head up). Hopefully I'll be able to post it tomorrow.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Busy Weekend!

Man were we busy this weekend. Friday night we went to the Metolious Carnival. Peyton wasn't sure about it at first as there were a ton of people there. But after a while he cut loose and had a blast. Saturday Chris decided my truck didn't make such a good mommy rig. heehee. He tried to feed Maddy in the backseat that had two car seats, a big bag of shoes and a diaper bag in it and found it to be quite crowded. I personally LOVE it and say a toolbox would take care of the problem.

I started this layout Thursday and was finally able to finish it yesterday. This picture just cracks me up. Chris was trying to put Peyton down for a nap while at the DuPont family reunion last year. When I went to the trailer to check on them, I found Chris asleep and Peyton wide awake!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins

I've seen this on a few other blogs and thought it was fun, so I'm going to try it out .

1. I'm tired, I'm cranky, I need a vacation.
2. How does this world work, anyway?
3. Every morning, I put slippers on my feet.
4. I consider myself lucky because I have wonderful family and friends.
5. One day we’ll see cars that drive themselves.
6. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to taking Peyton to the carnival, tomorrow my plans include scrapping (I hope) and Sunday, I want to get some time to myself!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A few random things.

I came across this cool site/blog that I wanted to share. Its called Freebies 4 Mom. You can sign up to receive all their posts via e-mail. They e-mails are filled with coupons, give-aways, etc. Check them out: http://freebies4mom.blogspot.com/ . For those of you in bigger cities with actually shopping choices could save some money with this site!

While blog hopping I came across another really cool store called Elle's Studio. They are celebrating their 2nd birthday today and doing give-aways. Check out their blog: http://ellesstudio.blogspot.com/ . They have the CUTEST journaling spots and tags.

I also came across this really cool new blog called The Scrap Review! I'm really enjoying it and its full of all sorts of info for us scrapbookers! Check it out at http://www.thescrapreview.com/.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This is a layout for a challenge I did at Citrus Tree (use strips of paper and layered flowers). I LOVE the colors, so summer and fun! Peyton and Jazzy were playing dress up at Memas. Aren't they cute?

Maddy is an early riser. Thank goodness for coffee! I just love her chubby cheeks!

Peyton cracks me up with how much he likes to line things up. Last night he lined up every potato head in size order (we have 4 of them) and all the parts! I asked him to smile and he gave me the 'stink eye' instead. hehe...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Moms Amazing Talent

Isn't this just the most awesome quilt? My mom made it for Madeline. She put a lot of time and love into it and I just LOVE it! The pictures don't do it near enough justice...I'll have to work on that!

Peyton has started pretending! It is quite fun to see what he comes up with and play along with him. He is also starting to talk quite well and repeats things that I say. Here is a conversation we had a couple days ago as we were playing with a puzzle:

P: You can help me mommy!
K: I can?
P: Yep!
K: Thank you, I'd love to help you!
P: Your a good helper Mommy!
Wasn't that sweet?

Scrap 4 Life is having a HUGE sale! 60% off everything (except kits and gift certificates). The sale ends March 15th! The discount code is march09. They are also having a crop March 13-15th! They are always a lot of fun! Check out the sale and crop at scrap4life.com!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Aunt ROCKS!!!

My Aunt ArristaBelle made some really cool gifts for me. She made this really cool pacifier blanky. I also have one in pink and brown (it happens to be in use at the moment!). Its been a huge help today in attempt to keep Maddy happy and a pacy in her mouth. The other is an awesome little pouch for a couple diapers and small container of wipees that will fit perfectly in my purse and/or help me keep the diaper bag organized.

Peyton moved his chair all by himself to this location today. Guess he needed a foot rest! He is still in pajamas in this picture at around 11! He didn't want to get dressed, so he didn't! As my mom says, choose your battles. Getting dressed wasn't a battle I wanted to choose today!
Here is a really cool picture I got of Maddy and Papa! Isn't it sweet?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One of those days!

Yep, today is one of those days where I just want to run away! lol....gotta have them every once in a while though, right?

Here is a picture of Maddy at about 1 week old and at 5 weeks old! Look how much she has filled out!

Can't believe I haven't posted in almost a week! My cousins were in town over the weekend. Peyton sure enjoyed playing with his cousins and keeps telling me "I want my cousins Mommy, I miss them!" He just cracks me up! He has been running low on sleep lately and doesn't think he needs naps anymore. I got tired of fighting him on it and didn't make him take one yesterday. He, or better said, WE had a rough afternoon yesterday. He finally crashed all on his own about 6. I think he has only fell asleep like this maybe twice! lol...

Here are a couple layouts I managed to complete last week. The pictures are bad and don't show the colors very well. The first one is of Peyton with his bowl of Wheat Thins and potato head. He was putting them in the foot crack of the baby potatoe head. When I asked him what he was doing he replied "I feeding baby potatoe".

This one is of Peyton and his cousin Brice at the DuPont family reunion. These two are about 6 months apart and had so much fun playing together. They liked to sit in the double camp chair and "ROAR" as loud as they could in each others faces. It was pretty cute to watch.


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