Thursday, March 26, 2009

Maddy at 2 Months

I missed Maddy's 2 month post! Poor girl, I'm so bad at documenting things!

Here are a few tidbits about Maddy at 2 months:
  • She makes the cutest little noises and makes them a lot!
  • She is awake a lot more, lately she really likes 2am as her awake time!
  • She has a strong neck and loves to lift up her head and look around
  • Her favorite position is still the chest to chest, it seems to be the most calming to her. Although I try not to do it too much as I'm trying to keep her awake more in hopes she will sleep better at night!
  • She is a pretty good eater
  • Her favorite spot is on her tummy on her boppy pillow.

1 comment:

**Nancy** said...

Oh my! Look at how big she is getting!! I love her outfit!!


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