Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Maddy's Checkup

Maddy had another check up yesterday. She weighed in at 11 lbs 8 oz! She measured 22 3/4 inches long! Her doctor said she had caught up with a baby being born full term, which doesn't really surprise us...you should see this girl eat!
Here is a cute picture of her Chris got last night. Yep, the poor little thing also got her immunizations. She wasn't such a happy camper the rest of the day.
She is starting to coo and jabber. Its so darn cute. I really want to record it on the video camera. She is really liking the Baby Einstein mat Peyton had. Although she will only lay there for a little bit. I already know that I am somehow going to have to get a exersaucer for her. She LOVES to sit up and attempt to stand up and does not want to be laid on the ground.

This picture of Peyton is horrible as its so dark, but it cracks me up. He was so proud of himself that he figured out this new trick! I'm not so sure its that cool! lol...I foresee a major head bonking in the future.

Finally here are two more layouts I did using the Cosmo Cricket Snorkel Paper. I am trying a new idea. When I start to use a set of paper, to use it all up rather than try to store a full sheet and few smaller pieces all together. The pictures are from our weekend camping at Pelton Park.


gottaluvboyz said...

LOL about Peyton...that is so my boys! Have fun with him:) Maddie is getting so big...she is such a little doll! FYI...I've been trying to do the same with my paper. So often I forget about it KWIM?

Jens Place in Space said...

Wow Kayla, if she isnt the cutest little girl ever!!!! I love your layouts, they sure don't seem like 10 minute projects to me!!!!


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