Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pipe Cleaner Flower Tutorial

I created a little tutorial for a fun Pipe Cleaner Flower for the Scrap A Little Blog. Helen posted it there yesterday. I thought I'd share it here today in case you missed it!

I saw a flower from a larger manufacturer that looked a lot like a pipe cleaner. I thought, I can make that! So I did!

I got this die cut card from Creative Cuts & More.

Here is how I make my Pipe Cleaner Flowers:

Start off with a pipe cleaner.

Wrap one end around your index finger.

Wrap the very end of the pipe cleaner so the loop is secure.

Put your index finger in the first loop to keep its shape and wrap the pipe cleaner in a figure eight around your ring finger.

Twist the long end of the pipe cleaner around the figure eight.

Create the third loop around another finger to keep the size of the loops even.

I then wrap the long end of the pipe cleaner through one of the loops already made to secure the last loop made.

Create the fourth and fifth loops the same way, wrapping around a finger to keep size consistent and wrapping through a previously made loop to secure.

You should have a tiny bit left over that you just tuck around the center know to secure the flower.

Open up the prongs on a brad all the way.

Slide the prongs around the center knot.

Fold the prongs shut.

Here is the finished flower!
This was so quick and fun to make. I think they’d make great layering pieces for layered flowers too! Of course, you could always make bigger flowers by using more than pipe cleaner.

Here is a layout I did for Scrap A Little a while back using the pipe cleaner flowers.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Paper Weaving and Saturday Fun

Suzanne shared this new technique, photo weaving, she found here. I thought it was a really fun different look. The package of photos I got from Peyton's last photo shoot included 8x10's. I'm NOT an 8x10 fan for the most part. I have a few, but most of the time prefer smaller. So I figured why not give it a whirl, right?

Tammy posted a challenge over at Citrus Tree Studio to create a layout using the color combo brown, cream and blue. I thought that would be perfect for this picture.
This is a close up of the photo, to show the weaving.
A long time ago I got a RAK from someone and included this little metal mesh circle. I sure wish I remembered who I got it from as it made a fantastic embellie for a boy layout!
If you pull on the little tab it has my journaling:

So here it goes, some tidbits about Peyton at the age of 4:
He weights 40 pounds.
He loves dinosaurs, Alvin & The Chipmunks, Spiderman and the punching Hulk (Incredible Hulk).
He still loves Lightning McQueen.
He is very active and loves to go the park to run around and play.
He loves being outside whether it be for a walk, camping, working in the yard, playing catch, riding his bike....you get the idea.
He spelled BARN for Chris on Wednesday. He knows his alphabet and how to count to 14. He is starting to spell some, read and recognize words.
He LOVES his sister, sometimes too much.
He still doesn't like most foods and prefers to play over eat.
His favorite tv shows are World World, Tom & Jerry and Curious George.
Peyton is such a joy and happy boy. He brightens my days and is so much fun.

He is continually cracking me up with our conversations. Some recent ones:
P: Mommy do you smell that?
M: No, what do you smell?
P: Bug poop.

P: Mommy, Mommy, check out my cool new trick!
M: Oh, cool, whats your new trick?
P: The air goes in my ears and out my mouth!
M: Thats a pretty neat trick!

P: Mommy, can we go to Grandpa and Grandma GG's?
M: No, sorry buddy, not today (yes, this is a daily question).
P: Are they closed? (Peyton thinks that if he can't go they are closed, like a store is closed, it cracks me up)

There was a Parade this weekend and quite the festivities going on. Man, can this town put on a parade! It was an hour long! Yeppers...an hour! Peyton's favorite part...the candy (go figure). Maddy seemed to enjoy the animals and LOVED waving at everyone going by. My favorite part...the sanitary company flipped trash cans over and put them on wheels and used them as drums. It was pretty neat to see them marching and creating a fun little beat.

It was pretty darn warm and to cool off I pulled out the slip n slide for Peyton. He doesn't get the slide part, but had fun running through it. Yep he's in his skivs again. I told him to take off his tank top. I turned around and he had his shorts off too! lol...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Picture Sizes and .....

I took full advantage of only having one child for two days. My in-laws took Peyton on a little vacation. They took him to the zoo (his first time to a zoo) on Thursday and then Chucky Cheese afterwards. Friday they took him to a little Theme Park called Enchanted Forest. Boy did he ever have fun! I love hearing him tell me stories. Sometimes he just laughs and says it was funny and I have no clue what he's talking about!

While Peyton gone it was just Maddy and me hanging out. Man was it ever easier with just one! I LOVED it! Her naps were so nice and long...aaahhh....now back to reality though! ;-)

The papers and flowers came from my 2009 Citrus Tree Studio kit. I count at least 12 different manufacturers on this layout! lol...
That top button was kinda fun. I used a Sassafrass sticker, glued a clear button on top and then used two Basic Grey rub-ons on top of it.
Peyton LOVES Play-doh. Me, not so much. I now make him go outside and sit on the back deck to play with it. He's so darn messy and Maddy, well....don't get me started on how frustrating it is to clean up after her and play-doh.
Doesn't it always seem like one of my kiddos is missing a piece of clothing? We just got done feeding Maddy. I've gotten to taking off her shirt when she feeds herself. Its just easier that way. the shirt just didn't make it back on before they went outside.
She thought this dead plant was quite entertaining and sat there for quite a while! I just LOVE her wild hair! Thank goodness its curly too as its pretty darn long and I have no clue what to do with it!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Aww....Summer days

Tuesday was such a fantastic day! I originally started out by asking Chris to take command so I could spend some 'me' time at the scrap table. But the day and evening were just too gorgeous I couldn't do it. Instead Chris picked up some ribs and corn and I got my special taters ready for the bbq and we had a feast! Chris is the bbq master!

After that we decided to take the kids to the creek a block away and let Peyton fish. But first....
We had to dig up worms. Unfortunately it wasn't late enough and we didn't find any. Well, Peyton found a 'jerky worm'. lol....A dried up worm in the road!
I dont' get pictures of me very often, but I got a little bored so started snapping the Littles Miss and the BIG Miss! ;-)
Here are Chris and Peyton patiently awaiting a bite. No such luck though. The skeeters were out and biting like crazy so after only a few minutes we headed back to the house!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Paper Poppy Kit Co. Sketch Challenge

Can you believe it? A second layout in one day? Yep, I even surprised myself. So I lifted Aphra on the first layout and am using one of her sketches on the second. If you read this Aphra...I'm not a stalker...I promise. :-) I just LOVE your blogs and work!
Have you checked out Aphras fabulous Paper Poppy Kit Co kits? If not, make sure you do! Anywho...the above sketch is by Aphra and its posted on the Paper Poppy Kit Co. blog for this months sketch challenge.
This is my take on it. I had a lot of pictures I wanted to use, I wish I would have printed them smaller, but I can't seem to get my printer to work and I had these. I used Imaginisce goodies that I won on their blog. Let me tell you, it wasn't just a few papers, I got the WHOLE line, all the stamps, rub-ons, stickers, embellies, etc. Yeppers...its such a fun line! THANK YOU Imaginisce!

Just a little close up of the chipboard and puffy stickers.

I'm hoping to get more scrappy time soon! I've been working on my scrappy space and hope to show pictures of that soon too!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


WAHOO!!!!! I finally got a bit of time to scrap! Yep, and it felt GREAT!

I scraplifted Aphra. Aphra has some mad talent and I just LOVE her blog. She recently started selling faboo kits too. You can check those out here. Trust me, you'll be glad you took the time to follow the link!
This was some Moxie stuff I had from a LONG time ago! That paper is Moxie as well as all the rub-ons. I layered the bat, ball, glove and 'way to go!' at the bottom. I'm not a big fan of the shapes (like glove, bat, etc). but really had fun layering them. The big baseball was hand made by me! A shock...I know! :-)

Oh, and as for the picture...Peyton LOVES to play baseball! He'd prefer to have the ball tossed to him rather than have a tee. We went camping at Lincoln City last summer which the in-laws. Peyton begged everyone to play baseball with him. He was hitting so well we had to have a back up catcher! :-)

Onto the Little Miss....can we say INDEPENDANT! I couldn't get her to eat yogurt one day (which is really unusual). Chris happened to come home and get "Here's her yogurt, good luck" as I walked off. He set it in front of her and she went to town!
Yep....a little on the messy side, but it makes her happy!

This picture CRACKS ME UP! Seriously, how can that be comfortable? He's gonna be SO mad at me some day for posting this picture on here.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lack of everything....

Man, I still haven't had time to scrap! :-( I keep saying, today is the day I'll sit down and scrap and it just doesn't happen! :-(

I wanted to post a picture of the RAK I'm giving away for my challenge over at Creative Cookbooking. My challenge was to alter something for your kitchen. Make sure and check it out!

I don't even have any pictures of the kiddos to share! *gasp* I know! We have a big event coming up in our little town and I hope it comes with lots of photo opportunities.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Garage Saling

Since I don't have anything new to share with you today, I thought I'd share the treasures we found garage saling this morning.
Peyton LOVEs the bop bags, but we tend to pop them somehow. We found a brand new one (still in its box) with blow up punching gloves too! I've been on the looking for pots and pans and accessories for their little play kitchen and found a nice little bag full of them. Peyton spotted this pirate ship and wouldn't let it go. Of course you can't NOT buy a dinosaur when you see it! Total: $4! Yep, thats a steal in my mind, especially considering Maddy already broke a piece the pirate ship. haha!

On to clothes, an OSU sweatshirt, two sets of pj's, three t-shirts and one polo: Total: $6! Can't go wrong there!

My brother is decorating his babies room in Oregon State Beavers! Yep, orange, black and white! I found this frame and couldn't resist it. Its one of those that you put pictures in the letters.
I was shocked to find this for $1! I'm drawn to handmade purses and these batik fabrics!
I've been on the hunt for storage pieces for my new scrappy hutch. These are the larger jars and a STEAL at a buck. I went to Goodwill and they had much smaller ones for $2.99 each! *GASP* I thought that was a pretty high price, but what can I say, more power to them if they can sell them at that price! ;-)

And the little Miss...picked her up today for pretty cheap too! ;-) Just joking! She has quite the personality and is quite the crack up these days. She found Big Brother's shoes and put them on all by herself and was SO proud as she walked into the kitchen!

So there you have it. I really hope to have some scrappy stuff to share with you soon! I'm working on a special DT project that I won't be able to share for quite a while. I'm also still working on my scrap space which is a complete disaster at the moment!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


my scrapbook time! Oh, how I am missing it!

Most everything is My Minds Eye. I had this die cut with the saying and HAD to use it as it sounds so much like Peyton. He just loves his sister to pieces. These photos just crack me up, I love the expressions on both of their faces.

So here the two are again.... He LOVES to give her kisses....

And hugs.....
But sometimes she's just not sure...lol....
These two are becoming quite the pair. I love watching them interact (most of the time that is...when they aren't fighting...and oh yes, a 1 year old and 4 year old CAN fight!!).

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Creative Cuts and More Blog Hop

Welcome Blog Hoppers! If you didn't start at the beginning, you can do so here, at the Die Cut Diva Blog! You won't want to miss out on any of the projects shared! Wasn't Noelle's project great?

I have a fun project to share today. I got the Cupcake Box Set in Bazzill Maraschino Cardstock. This is a 4 piece set. The lid, the acetate for the cutout in the lid, the cupcake holder form and the box base. Yep, you can see all the pieces by going here.
This box is sssooo fun! It could work for more than a cupcake. Wouldn't it be cute full of candy for party favors?
I glued Sapphire Rhinestones to the lid and doodled stitch marks.
I cut a Filigree Square Label in Bazzill textured white in half, doodled stitching marks, adhered a piece of Doodlebug paper and Doodlebug paper clip to it. The blue ribbon used to be white, but I used a Zig marker and colored it blue.

Now hop on over to Joan's blog!

Finding a broken link? No worries, hop back to Die Cut Diva where you can find a complete list!


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