Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pipe Cleaner Flower Tutorial

I created a little tutorial for a fun Pipe Cleaner Flower for the Scrap A Little Blog. Helen posted it there yesterday. I thought I'd share it here today in case you missed it!

I saw a flower from a larger manufacturer that looked a lot like a pipe cleaner. I thought, I can make that! So I did!

I got this die cut card from Creative Cuts & More.

Here is how I make my Pipe Cleaner Flowers:

Start off with a pipe cleaner.

Wrap one end around your index finger.

Wrap the very end of the pipe cleaner so the loop is secure.

Put your index finger in the first loop to keep its shape and wrap the pipe cleaner in a figure eight around your ring finger.

Twist the long end of the pipe cleaner around the figure eight.

Create the third loop around another finger to keep the size of the loops even.

I then wrap the long end of the pipe cleaner through one of the loops already made to secure the last loop made.

Create the fourth and fifth loops the same way, wrapping around a finger to keep size consistent and wrapping through a previously made loop to secure.

You should have a tiny bit left over that you just tuck around the center know to secure the flower.

Open up the prongs on a brad all the way.

Slide the prongs around the center knot.

Fold the prongs shut.

Here is the finished flower!
This was so quick and fun to make. I think they’d make great layering pieces for layered flowers too! Of course, you could always make bigger flowers by using more than pipe cleaner.

Here is a layout I did for Scrap A Little a while back using the pipe cleaner flowers.


sarah said...

how super fun! :) tfs that! if i can find some pipe cleaner somewhere in my scraproom, i will need to get that a try. :)

happy wednesday!


Mel said...

Adorable Kay! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Definately going to have to try these:)

Jamilie said...

Love it!! Always wondered about them!


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