Sunday, June 6, 2010


Sometimes I just can't think of a great title for a post. Today is one of those days.

My brother had a couples baby shower last week. I made them a little scrapped page of their cutie patootie. My mom had a frame and I forgot to get a picture of it in the frame, but luckily I got one before the frame. My brother is HUGE Oregon State Beaver Fan. He wanted to do his sons room in the theme of OSU. I just so happened to have Oregon State Beavers papers and stickers. The black and orange check was really white and black, I just colored it orange! Isn't that an adorable photo of him? He's such a sweet and good baby!

The other day Peyton was all excited to show me what he found in the yard.
Yep, its a worm. No, I don't make him wear a helmet when he is outside playing, he was riding his bike or triked prior to finding the worm. ;-)
Yep, I was quite surprised he picked it up. As he screams like no other and runs when he sees a spider! haha! Chris came home after dark this past week and said there were TONS of worms all over the place. I told him he should have stopped and scooped them up. Peyton and I could set up a little worm stand on the highway and catch the fisherman headed to the lakes on Friday and Saturday! haha!

I bought this blow up thing for Maddy's first birthday. I decided the other day to swap it out with a tent and tunnels of Peyton's that have been put a way for a while. She cried. Peyton kept asking for the ball pit back, so back it came! I'm telling ya, its such a cheap toy for the penny per play theory! I bought a blow up sand pit/pool for Peyton when he was Maddy's age and he LOVED it. He spent numerous hours in it playing, reading books, etc. So any of you moms out there...I HIGHLY recommend this idea. It pools their toys and they LOVE it!
Yes...that is a PINK shirt she's in! ;-)


Suzanne said...

Eww. Boys can be so gross. LOL Love the layout, he's a beautiful baby! :-)

Paisley Petals said...

I'm so glad I don't have boys! But I wouldn't be surprised if The Tasmanian Devil likes dirt and bugs.

Is he wearing a jacket? In May? It's 100 degrees around here!

Sarah said...

Uggh! I hate worms! LOL!!!!

That lo is gorgeous!!!! Love it!

Great idea for Maddie -sometimes it's simplest things they love! Go figure! I can't believe she is already one!

Sarah said...

uggh !i hate worms!!!!

I love that lo though- gorgeous!

Great idea for MAddie too! It's the simplest things that they love, go figure!

Rbarakat said...

Ok I am trying to leave a comment and could not figure out why my name was wrong! I forgot my DD used my laptop earlier - sorry the "sarah"comment is mine !LOL!

Melonie said...

I've been considering a blowup ball pit for my daycare kids. I will have to check into them again. Love the pics and and the frame! Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

Jill Sarginson said...

cute pics ... but a bit ew to that worm! Boys! lol


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