Friday, June 25, 2010

Aww....Summer days

Tuesday was such a fantastic day! I originally started out by asking Chris to take command so I could spend some 'me' time at the scrap table. But the day and evening were just too gorgeous I couldn't do it. Instead Chris picked up some ribs and corn and I got my special taters ready for the bbq and we had a feast! Chris is the bbq master!

After that we decided to take the kids to the creek a block away and let Peyton fish. But first....
We had to dig up worms. Unfortunately it wasn't late enough and we didn't find any. Well, Peyton found a 'jerky worm'. lol....A dried up worm in the road!
I dont' get pictures of me very often, but I got a little bored so started snapping the Littles Miss and the BIG Miss! ;-)
Here are Chris and Peyton patiently awaiting a bite. No such luck though. The skeeters were out and biting like crazy so after only a few minutes we headed back to the house!


pamala said...

Great pics!!! Good to see you in one too. :)
Thanks for baby blog hopping with the Zutter Zisters!

Suzanne said...

Hi Kayla, nice to "see" you! Love the pics, looks like a perfect summer day. :-)

sarah said...

these pictures are making me want to go out and fish! :)


Mara... said...

LOL about the jerky worm!!!! Looks like they had fun, even if they didn't catch anything.


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