Monday, April 29, 2013

More Layouts

I'm trying to catch up all the layouts I had piled up before our move.  I have gone to the simple and quick layouts.  Although I usually end up staring at them for WAY to long trying to figure out how to add pizazz to it before giving up.  haha!  

My kids LOVE to play in this little pool at my parents house.  They are too big for it, but still enjoy it.  

I loved these photos of Maddy and my Dad.  He had layed down for a nap and she went and grabbed her blankies to put on him and told everyone to be quiet.

Some of my favorite photos from summer.  The kids LOVED helping my dad in the garden.  Especially if it meant digging potatoes.  They also had fun at the fair and poor miss Maddy was so sad that she wasn't big enough to ride the roller coaster with Peyton.  And one of my fave photos of Peyton and Maddy I took at the library during their summer reading program.  Maddy was hugging on Peyton for something.

Our local photo shop asked if I could create a few 'layout' photos on their system and incorporate them into a bigger layout.  This is one of the layouts I created for them.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Layouts and Pictures

Hello all!  Hopefully I will be back to blogging more often.  We are sort of getting settled.  We have quite a few projects in line for the next few weeks though.  Painting and a garden are two of the biggest!  

I had a handful of layouts I don't think I've shared.  Of course, by now, I have forget the sketch I used.  I'm guessing it is on my Pinterest board somewhere.  

I just love the fun papers, banners and journaling spots as well as colors in this Pretty Little Studio line.  Just perfect for birthdays.  See the bottom picture?  That is Chris's cousins daughter.  Her and Maddy look like they are sisters!  

I REALLY wish I would have been as smart as Karen and take a screen shot, but alas, I'm not.   Karen and I met on a scrappy board and had been e-mailing for each other for quite some time.  This was our first time Skyping.  

Below is a layout I made of my sister-in-law's bachelorette party!  It was the first time I had been out without Chris or the kids in quite some time!  We hit Downtown Portland a few nights before the wedding.

Now on to some photos.  We bought Peyton a bed set.  Poor kid had his mattresses on the floor!  Chris was putting it together and wouldn't ya know it....Jenabelle wanted to help!  Can you see her in his lap under his arm?  haha!  Love that little pups!
She likes to walk in the window sills for some reason.
Maddy and Peyton are sure taken with her and often ask if they can hold her and snuggle with her.
We celebrated Peyton's birthday two weekends ago.  It was fun to have all the family over to our new house.  Peyton was spoiled and enjoyed his day. He wore that hat all day long!
Peyton started soccer. Maddy was quite disappointed she couldn't play, but she isn't quite old enough.  But if you ask me, she could have easily played with all the kindergartners   She is just as big as them and not afraid to jump into a group and do something.
And the spoiled pups.  This has become a nightly activity.  She pesters you til you hold her.

Argh....I uploaded the last two photos just like I did the others.  Why are they showing up so big?  

Thursday, April 4, 2013

What have I been up too?

Wow......been a while since I posted, huh?  Well, things got crazy on me and left me no extra time!  I started working in January. Only two days a week while Maddy was in school, but put in tons of hours at home.  I have really enjoyed it.  I was also very involved in Peyton's school and put in many hours of volunteer work there.  Maddy tagged along with me and was a good little helper and trooper for all the hours she spent there with me.  Often times I'd get home and she'd end up like this:
 Chris and I took Peyton to his first OHA (Oregon Hunters Association) Banquet.  It was a lot of  fun!  Peyton scored some fun prizes and we enjoyed a fun night out.
 We did some crafts.  The kids both made their Great Grandpa a birthday card.
 We went to Peyton's school dance.
 We met up with my niece, nephew and mom for lunch at a yummy restaurant that just re-opened.
 Maddy and I went to a 'Ag' day at Peyton's school.  So much fun!  Pedal tractor races, petting goats, playing with dirt and water, learning about animals and farms.
 Peyton had a science fair.  Maddy was a HUGE trooper at this one.  We were at the school for almost 4 hours while I monitored it!
 Maddy had her last day of Preschool.  She really enjoyed it and already misses her teachers and friends.
 We bought a house!  This is the kitchen.....
 The living room (the furniture is NOT ours, I repeat, NOT pink couches for me peeps....haha!)....
 Apparently I forgot to upload the outside views...maybe in another post.....

Peyton asked Maddy and I to go to one of his Run Club.  Every Friday they go out to the high school football track and run/walk around it for almost an hour.  Maddy LOVED it and Peyton was such a good big brother, always keeping an eye on her and staying right next to her.
 I ran Maddy ragged, between dragging her to my work and the school for volunteer work.
 We took one last walk to the creek to throw rocks into it.
 I had to get a picture of Peyton in the mornings.  Every morning Maddy and I walk him into the gym where all 400+ students sit in lines quietly!  They can read books, do flashcards, color, etc.  Peyton loved to go early and take his work-book to do.
 We were able to make it to Charlie's for our traditional green bombers on St. Patricks Day.
We got a puppy!  :-0  Yes, we got a puppy when we were homeless!  A HUGE thank you to my parents for being willing to allow this to happen.  She is a full bread Beagle and absolutely adorable.  She LOVES to climb up in the kids laps and snuggle and love on them.  She is my little baby and I regret getting rid of my front pack I used with the kids.  It would have come in handy with her.  She LOVES to be held and loved.  
 I have opted to home-school Peyton the last two months of school.  I found this cool old-school desk at a thrift shop for $10 and couldn't resist it.  Peyton really likes it too.  :)  Even being homeless we were able to get some school work done.

Sorry for the randomness.  Nothing is in order, but I'm super tired and didn't feel like organizing the photos. We sold our house and moved out 11 days ago!  We were supposed to only be out of a home for 3 days and it turned into 11!  :-0  I hadn't packed for that.  Lucky for us, we were staying at my parents.  I am very grateful to them for allowing us to bombard their home and interrupt their normal routine.  I am not off to bed.  Well, I'm still sick and coughing so I am retiring to the recliner!  haha!  


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