Monday, April 29, 2013

More Layouts

I'm trying to catch up all the layouts I had piled up before our move.  I have gone to the simple and quick layouts.  Although I usually end up staring at them for WAY to long trying to figure out how to add pizazz to it before giving up.  haha!  

My kids LOVE to play in this little pool at my parents house.  They are too big for it, but still enjoy it.  

I loved these photos of Maddy and my Dad.  He had layed down for a nap and she went and grabbed her blankies to put on him and told everyone to be quiet.

Some of my favorite photos from summer.  The kids LOVED helping my dad in the garden.  Especially if it meant digging potatoes.  They also had fun at the fair and poor miss Maddy was so sad that she wasn't big enough to ride the roller coaster with Peyton.  And one of my fave photos of Peyton and Maddy I took at the library during their summer reading program.  Maddy was hugging on Peyton for something.

Our local photo shop asked if I could create a few 'layout' photos on their system and incorporate them into a bigger layout.  This is one of the layouts I created for them.

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Mel said...

These are all great Kayla!

Mel said...

I especially love the summer fun LO but I think that adorable photo of the kids hugging is definitely swaying me:) SO cute!


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