Friday, September 30, 2011

Artful Delight Blog Hop Challenge #3

Challenge number 3 at the Artful Delight birthday bash blog hop was to use the colors pink, kraft and white! This was a bit of a challenge for me. I don't have much pink and I don't like using
pink. But I gave it a go anyway and this is what I came up with:

Make sure to scroll down as this was my 4th post today!

Artful Delight Blog Hop Challenge #2

Challenge #2 over at the Artful Delight birthday bash blog hop was a tic tac toe challenge. I really like the tic tac toe challenges! They are so fun! Here is my take on the challenge:
I did some stitching on this one and used a bunch of tiny type stickers from Adornit to finish the sentiment.

With all of these cards I used little bits and pieces from different Cosmo Cricket lines. I really need to work on using up my rand scraps and cards are the perfect way to use up the scraps!

Artful Delight Blog Hop Challenge #1

Second post of the day????? Me????? How could this be? Well, I came across a birthday bash blog hop for Artful Delight! They posted 3 different challenges. Their first challenge was a sketch challenge. I opted to make a card as the challenge ends in 8 hours. I just found out about it today so a card it is. This is my take on the sketch:

Cosmo Cricket Pixie-Licious Layout for The Paper Variety

The Paper Variety (TPV) posted a great sketch by Aphra Bolyer for this weeks challenge. I love Aphra's work and love playing along with TPV's challenges. Here is the sketch:
Here is my take on it!
These pictures were taken while out camping over Labor Day weekend last year. Like most siblings, mine fight. There are plenty of battles. But they truly do love each other. They hold hands, share snacks, make sure each other get whatever special thing they got. They give each other kisses and hugs. This just melts this Mama's heart and I pray they stay this way!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall mix and picture that melt this mama's heart!

I admit, I am addicted to Pinterest! Such a cool cool site! That is where I found this idea:
You can find it here. And a close up:
I decided to make this for the girls at Chris's work. They seemed to like it! :-) I also sent one with Peyton for his teacher. Now I need to get going on a fun Christmas idea.

This just melts my heart and makes me smile. The first thing Maddy does when she wakes up from her nap is ask about going to school to get Peyton. We try to be there a few minutes early and wait for him in the lobby. Maddy gets so excited when she seems him she screams 'BUDDY' and when he gets close enough she runs up to him for a hug.
I finally remembered my camera to get a picture of it. It happens every day. :-)
Hopefully I will remember it again so I can get a better picture. Notice Maddy's shoes. Yes, those are Peyton's Spiderman sandals. She will wear his shoes and pajamas but WILL NOT wear his jeans!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Headband and Frame Re-do

I am addicted to these satin flowers! I just love them! Maddy has been complaining about her hair in her face a lot lately. So I picked up a head band. It wasn't very exciting so I decided to make some flowers to glue onto it.
This is what I came up with.

A while back I posted this picture:
This was my $3 garage sale find. After a little spray paint and pulling out a poster I have been wanting to frame for 8+ years, this is what I ended up with:
Sorry the bad pictures. I really do need a new camera.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Cards and a layout

Last week I needed two cards. A friend posted on Facebook, that one of her cousins is serving a 18 month tour (I can't remember where exactly). His birthday is coming up and she asked, for all those willing too, mail him a birthday card. The other card was a card just to say 'hi' and send updated photos of the kiddos. I struggle with cards so I almost always start off with a sketch. For these cards I happened to use a fantastic sketch from Cardabilities! I love this sketch and know I will be using it in the future!
I used some papers from a 6x6 Basic Grey pad. I never have been interested in the 6x6 pad size. I picked two up at a garage sale for CHEAP and have to admit, they are VERY nice for cards!
This is the birthday card. I pulled scraps from my stash for this one! I also used a SRM sticker. LOVE those stickers!
I also created the 3-d star, figuring a guy probably doesn't really want a flower on his card!

I'm not digging this layout at all. But it is what it is. I had hoped to journal in white and when I couldn't get ANY of my 3 white pens to work, I gave up!
These pictures were from my Grandpa's birthday. I kick myself now for not getting a picture of Grandpa with all the kids. This was taken at an assisted living center where most of the patience had memory issues.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Cosmo Cricket Altered File Box

In an attempt to control paper clutter and mail clutter on our kitchen counter, I bought this box:
We keep random papers, mail, bills to be paid, stuff to be filed, receipts, etc. in it, all nice and organized! It has sat on our kitchen counter just like that for MONTHS! I finally had a chance to alter it recently.
This is the end result. This is the front. I actually had made the yellow piece before Christmas for my bazaar. It was a magnet board. It didn't sell and I liked it so I kept it, even though I had no place to hang it. It worked perfect!
I added another little magnet board to the side that shows.
I opted for super simple magnets as the papers make the file box busy enough.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Ranch (Jillibean Soup Layout)

I created this layout for a challenge at Birds of a Feather. I have been wanting to document the history of my Grandpa's house and my Grandpa's life. This challenge was just the push I needed to do a layout about the house and property. I think its missing something. Maybe something in the upper left? An updated layout may appear soon! ;-) I'm linking this to this weeks The Paper Variety Challenge.
I used the May kit from Birds of a Feather. LOVE the May kit full of Jillibean Soup yumminess!
I did a bit of stitching and layering.
Can you read that? haha! Okay if your interested, here is the journaling. Just a warning though, its long. I had to cut a few things out in order to fit in on these two pages and also shrunk the type quite a bit.

The Ranch, to me, is my Grandpa Read's (Herschel Read's) house that was built in the 18 's. *Interesting side note: The house was built by a one legged man.* The house was built on approximately 2000 acres which included part of Haystack Butte.

Perry Read (My Great Great Grandpa), in his early 20s, spent much of his first winter in the region with Barney Prine, who was determined to start the first town in the central part of this newly established state. Soon Perry Read met Hattie Montgomery (my Great Great Grandma) and married her. Perry Read and Hattie Montgomery were among the first of the white settlers in the Grizzly Mountain area, the first area of what would eventually become Jefferson County. Perry Read took a homestead in the Haystack Butte area, where he established a stage stop business. A small town grew in its shadow, called Perryville, in honor of Perry Read. There were two businesses there that eventually moved north a bit and helped form the town of Madras in the 1900's. Perryville had its own post office, run by Orace Collver out of his general store. This town was located where Haystack Reservoir is now located. When the railroad tracks were going up just a couple miles to the west, the entire town picked up and moved. By then, the community called itself Culver, a misspelled reference to the postmaster. Perry Read lived the life of a western stockman, indoctrinating his only son, James Perry Read, into the life as well.

James Perry Read (who went by Jim Read), as a young buck, raised wild horses. Jim would gather the wild horses up and drive them to a military fort in Brownsville, Oregon where he would sell them. One of my mom's (Jennifer Read Hatfield) fondest stories of her Grandpa was this: Grandpa Jim had a very very nice horse. He took a heard of wild horses over to Brownsville to sell. Someone offered him an outrageous amount of money at that time (my mom thought $100) as well as a cow and calf for his horse. Jim took the deal and it took him 30 days to walk the cow and calf from Brownsville to Culver. Along with raising wild horses, Jim cleared the land around the house and started growing wheat. This was around the time the town moved to where Culver is currently located now. James Perry Read (Jim Read) married Florence Belle Read. They had two sons, James Herschel and Howard Kenneth Read.

Herschel Read was born in 1912 and graduated in 1932. He served in the Navy in World War II, returning to take over the family ranch. Sadly, Howard Kenneth never returned from the war. When Herschel Read returned from the war and took over the farm, he didn't like horses and the farm was basically a dry wheat operation. So Herschel raised a few cattle for himself/the family and slowly added in cows in (this is in the late 1940's). Herschel quit growing wheat in late 60's early70's. There was a government program in the 60s' that subsidized farmers. The government paid farmers not to raise wheat due to a surplus. That is when Herschel could make more money NOT raising wheat than to raise wheat. This is when the Ranch turned from a farm to a ranch. During this time he allowed the cattle to graze in those fields. My mom (Jennifer Read Hatfield) was raised in this house. As a child she didn't always have plumbing. When built, there was no electricity or plumbing. They had an ice houses and an out houses. Over the years, the house was updated and added on too. They took out the stove that was in the middle of the living room and added a heating system, although the upstairs still has no heat. They added on a pantry, laundry room and bathroom on the backside of the house as well as a master bedroom and bathroom on the side.

I have so many fond memories of the ranch. One of my favorite memories is the Christmas Eves we spent out there. I don't remember a Christmas Eve as a child anywhere other than at the ranch with all the family. We had clam chowder and my moms cheese bread. I remember trying to sneak past my Uncle Pete to grab an olive when I wasn't supposed to. Uncle Pete turned it into a fun game. I also remember HOURS and HOURS of playing up in the bonus room upstairs with my brother and cousins. They had a stool that spun. We had contests to see who could stay on the longest as others spun us as fast as they could. There was an old secretary’s desk we used to play pretend with and a closet full of toys we liked. On warm summer days my cousin and I would take off exploring. One time the exploration landed us in a pen with a bull and scared the heck out of us. We also liked to walk a ways from the house to where there was an old broken down tractor. We'd pretend we were driving it. So much history, so many memories, The Ranch will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Kudos to you if you made it this far! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Friday, September 16, 2011

August Project 12

First off, I have the hardest darn time getting a good picture of a 2-page layout. :-l I get quite frustrated. Any tips? I don't have a fancy program that could stitch two individual photos together. All I can do is crop and mess with the colors a tiny teen bit.

Anyhow, this is my layout for August for the Project 12.
I love the fun and bright colors in these papers and on this layout. The sketch had 3 photo spots, but I just couldn't narrow it down to three, so I did 7!
I hand stitched the butterflies paths and also did some machine stitching. I added a few staples around the title just for fun! I barely fit all the journaling from the month in! I doodled around the edge to make it stand out a tad bit more.
I did a bit of doodling too.
Just a few close ups...

As or the journaling, these are some hi-lights as I'm sure its pretty hard to read from the picture. he month was kicked off with my mom treating the kids to an afternoon at Sun Mountain Fun Center. We spent the first weekend in Madras at the DuPont family reunion camp out. I spent the next week getting ready for my garage sale. Al, Linda, Harvey, Janet, Richard, Brenda, Chris, Peyton and Maddy went fishing at Walton Lake while I had my garage sale. The following Monday Harvey and Janet took Maddy and I up to OHSU for Maddy's follow up doctor appointment. That Friday, Milton, Heidi, Chris and I took off for the Willamette Country Music Festival in Brownsville, trailer in tow. I had 2 days at home to unpack, clean and repack before heading to my moms for yet another garage sale. The sale was Friday and Saturday. Saturday afternoon my mom and I went to a beautiful outdoor wedding. Sunday we celebrated my Step Grandma's 90th birthday! We spent quite a bit of time at my parents house this month. We were able to pull out the pool and slide for the kids quite a bit, which they absolutely loved! Peyton also got to go down to the garden with Grandpa John to dig potatoes a couple times. He LOVES helping out in the garden. There have been a handful of lightning storms causing fires all over the place. This caused smoke filled horizons. The last weekend kicked off bow season for Chris.

If you made it through all of that...kudos to you! :-)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2 Page Echo Park Layout and First Day of Scool

I just love this Echo Park line, Splash! LOVE the colors! I created this layout using a sketch from Nuts About Sketches. It was for a color challenge at Birds of a Feather.
A super simple layout.
In case you wanted to see each page closer.
The pictures are from our road trip last summer to see my brother in law and sister in law who lived in Core D'Alene Idaho. We were supposed to pull our trailer over there and camp nearby. But, we lost the transmission in our truck. :-( We debated cancelling the whole trip. I am so glad we didn't as we had a lot of fun. We took the kids to Silverwood Theme Park. What a neat neat place! I'd love to take them back some day! I wasn't sure what to expect, so bought a disposable camera. I was quite disappointed in how they came out.

I'm entering this into the TPV challenge this week, which was to use stickers. The big flourish/wave and the sun journaling spot are stickers. The title is alpha stickers too!

Monday was Peyton's first day of Kindergarten! He was VERY excited! If you look closely, you'll see Maddy had her back pack on too. She thought she got to go too!
This is what happened when I asked Peyton to smile and show how excited he was.
I was so proud of him. he walked right in, sat where the teacher told him to sat and that was that! :-) No tears, no 'Mommy don't leave me', nothing! Poor Maddy sat down next to him and refused to get up! I had to pack her out. :-(

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Teachers Gift

Because I am a slacker, I didn't get Peyton's teacher's gift made til after we had our conference. But, I did make it and will send it with him tomorrow, for his first day of school!

The Paper Variety's last challenge for the blogiversary party was to use your favorite embellishment. I LOVE tiny type alphas. I've been using them a lot lately! The tiny types were perfect for this tag as my printer is down and a lot of letters were needed.

I saw this quote somewhere out there in blogdom and it stuck with me. 'I hope your new year starts out smoothly'. Cheesy I know...but I thought it was cute!
So I made a tag to slip onto a bottle of lotion I picked up. Since the bottle was orange, I decided to make sure that color was in the tag. I have a few bits and pieces from Scenic Route left in my stash and have been itching to use them. I happened to have almost exactly the right sizes of papers to alter the bag! I just love it when things work out like that and I don't' have to throw away paper!
Just a quick and simple tag and card!

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

More Cards for The Paper Variety Blogiversary!

The Paper Variety is having a big party for their one year blog anniversary! Every day is a new challenge. Today's challenge was to create a monochromatic project. I REALLY struggle with monochromatic challenges. But I love playing along with TPV so I decided to make an attempt with a card.
I started off by opening up my inspiration file and found a card I saw posted a long time ago on the Jillibean Soup blog.
I was also inspired by some of their embellies that I am to cheap to buy, but think I can make! ;-) So I glued some yarn in a circle pattern to a piece of paper, layered it on top of a piece of felt, on top of a couple scalloped netting circles and topped it off with a button.

TPV challenge yesterday was to create a project using your favorite photos. I have a couple favorite photos. I recently read that this Sunday is Grandparents Day! What? Yes...I need to mark this on next years calendar so I can better prepare for it. I decided to make some quick cards for the Grandparents.
I made 4, each one different.
But these two were some of my favorite photos. I used a sketch from Cardablities for these cards!

Now those who know me well, know I love to garage sale. I was able to go out all by myself today! And I LOVED every minute of it! :-) I was able to pick up two Christmas presents for Peyton! :-) A killer deal for a friend. And this frame for $3:
Pardon the clutter behind the photo. I am still in the process of cleaning the garage. I cleaned it up and spray painted it! I'm now waiting for Chris to get back so I can have two extra hands to put my poster in it! The poster had been rolled for at least 8 years, so its hard to handle. Check back soon to see me finished product!

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Couple Cards

Amy at Birds of a Feather challenged us to come up with a creative way to use up alphas. I saw this idea a LONG time ago and finally got around to try it!
I bought some plain pearl headed straight pins a while back. I love being able to alter them to fit whatever project I am working on. I simply glued on a orange and black bead to jazz them up a bit!
Can I just say, this is one of my favorite color combos? I just LOVE it!

The Paper Variety is celebrating their one year blog anniversary ALL week and weekend! They have challenges, prizes and give-aways so be sure to swing by and check it out. Their challenge yesterday was to stamp. I'm NOT a stamper. I really struggle with it. I do have a little stash of sentiments for cards. One of my cousins daughters birthday is this weekend and I thought I'd whip up a card real quick for her. I used a sketch from Cardabilities.
The colors seem kinda wonky in the photo, but in real life it looks much better!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Whats this...I scrapped? Can it be true? haha! August was a whirl wind month and the last 3 weeks of it left me no time to scrap. So far I have been trying my hardest to catch up around the house and with different projects after being gone so much which has meant no scrapping time too! I was able to sneak in a few minutes last night and this morning!

Its kinda hard to think about snow when its in the 90's! But these photos happened to be towards the top of my stack of photos and worked perfect for the sketch challenge this month at Birds of a Feather. As I was working on it, I noticed The Paper Variety's challenge today (for the blogiversary event) was to use your favorite manufacturer! Yay...this layout works perfect for it too!

I distressed a lot of edges, including the pictures. I wanted to sew, but was too lazy, sew I drew on lines instead!
Side note: If your looking for a friendly message board check out Birds of a Feather. Everyone is SUPER sweet and its small enough you don't feel totally overwhelmed when you join! Amy has great challenges each month too! Also, you will want to check out The Paper Variety this week! it is their one year anniversary and they are having a PARTY! Lots of inspiration challenges and prizes! So head on over there and check it out!

Monday morning, during my regular Craigslist searching, I came across a play structure for a excellent price! I was SUPER excited and called on it right away. Chris was a trooper, and even though he needed to get his bow fixed he went with me to check out the play structure. Yes...his bow broke during hunting season...worse of yet, it broke his arrow and the arrow landed on a buck right underneath the tree stand he was about timing! It turned into a all-day event! But this mama is VERY happy as are the kiddos!
We got it home and got the swing arm off and with all my body weight put into, I could even budge the dang thing, so I knew I wouldn't be able to help Chris. So I marched over to the neighbors house and asked for help! :-) I love having great neighbors!
Ta-da! It is all set up. Although I had to order new swings as the ones they had were broken.

On Wednesday I had a conference with Peyton's Kindergarten teacher. I'm really excited and think it is going to be a great year. I had a bad mommy moment and accidentally shut one of his fingers in the door on the way there. :-( NOT a good way to start off the year.
So I just got this sad pathetic, I will not smile for the camera, shot of him. :-(
Then once inside the classroom, the teacher tried to talk to him and he all out broke down. Which caused Maddy to get upset, which caused me to feel even worse than I had. So I did not get a picture of Peyton with his teacher as I had planned.

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