Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall mix and picture that melt this mama's heart!

I admit, I am addicted to Pinterest! Such a cool cool site! That is where I found this idea:
You can find it here. And a close up:
I decided to make this for the girls at Chris's work. They seemed to like it! :-) I also sent one with Peyton for his teacher. Now I need to get going on a fun Christmas idea.

This just melts my heart and makes me smile. The first thing Maddy does when she wakes up from her nap is ask about going to school to get Peyton. We try to be there a few minutes early and wait for him in the lobby. Maddy gets so excited when she seems him she screams 'BUDDY' and when he gets close enough she runs up to him for a hug.
I finally remembered my camera to get a picture of it. It happens every day. :-)
Hopefully I will remember it again so I can get a better picture. Notice Maddy's shoes. Yes, those are Peyton's Spiderman sandals. She will wear his shoes and pajamas but WILL NOT wear his jeans!


Rita Barakat said...

Awww scrap it anyway! It's the story nehind the photo thats important! too cute!

Hannah said...

oh, That melts my heart too! Sweet, sweet.

Paisley Petals said...

So sweet of you to make the fall know where the kids get their sweetness, right? ;-)


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