Monday, August 29, 2011

Dinosaurs Layout

I created this layout a while back for a sketch challenge at a Birds of a Feather crop.
I wanted to document Peyton's love of dinosaurs. I keep picking up dinosaur papers and stickers and am just now using them!
I doodled a circle and added little footprint stickers.
I also doodled a line around the photos and the journaling lines.

Man oh man have I been super busy! Out o

f the past twelve days, this will be my third full day home! To say I a'm pooped is an understatement. To say I am tired of packing is even a bigger understatement. Thursday last week started by loading the Tahoe for our weekend and then heading to story time. We were told there would be a real bunny for the kids to pet. The kids were quite disappointed when the gal who was going to bring the rabbit wasn't able to make it. They did, however, have fun making their bunny ears!
After the story time we headed to Madras to get ready for our garage sale. This kids did lots of this:
while I was getting things set up and having the garage sale. The kids have so much fun going down the slide into the pool. We had enough stuff left over we decided to have the sale Saturday morning also.

We are on fire....literally, there are TONS of fires around us! This was the view from my parents house. You couldn't even see the butte maybe 3 miles away or the mountains! It has been REALLY bad. Left ashes all over my car and anything else we left outside. I think its the cause of my headaches. Sunday afternoon after packing up our garage sale leftovers, my mom and I headed to a wedding. It was a TON of fun and I wish I could have stayed longer. It was beautiful, even with the smoke filled sky. It was out in a farm field. They did a fabulous job setting it up. I wish I would have taken my camera to get more pictures!
The smoke was so thick that I had to take a shower when I got home as my hair and clothes REEKED of smoke!

Peyton LOVES to help my dad in the garden and he got to go dig up potatoes twice during this visit!
Sunday afternoon was my Grandma's 90th birthday! She came into our lives about 15-16 years ago (I think) after my Grandmother past away! She is such a sweet lady and we are lucky to have her in our lives.
My brother and his kids were there. It was really funny, Peyton, Maddy and Jazzy (my niece) were hiding under the table from Jaymeson (my nephew...who is 15 months). He was picking on them all so they decided to find a spot and block him out! haha! It was pretty funny how the little one dominated all three of the older ones! He was quite the bully!

I was wiped out when we got home! It took all I had to unload the Tahoe , unpack and start laundry! Now on to another crazy week!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Music Festival Fun

Man has this been one crazy busy summer! I've been gone more than I've been home the last couple of weeks! Friday morning we took off for the Willamette Country Music Festival. We were blessed to be able to access three sets of Grandparents in order to be gone almost 4 days! :-0 Nothing like passing them off the kids three times in one day! They had a blast and were spoiled as usual!

We took off Friday morning with Chris's cousin and her husband with the trailer in tow. A few hours later we arrived at the event. This was our first year going so we weren't really sure what to expect. We were greeted and told to stay on the path and watch out for the ditches so we don't get stuck. :-0 I tried to get a picture out the window and this is what I got!
Are you liking that angle? haha! This is pretty much where it was located. A huge field mowed down!
We were trying to figure out where our camp spot was. We really liked ours. In the very back and nobody behind us or beside us!
Once set up we did a little relaxing before the events got started.
And a little sunning....
Here we are, ready to roll on the first night! Left to right is our cousin Heidi, Milton, me and Chris!
Did I mention we were way in the back? It was a bit of a walk to the event. But that is okay with us. We only had to cross one ditch and that was actually quite entertaining! There were over 1000 camp spots! We dubbed this guy Papa Smurf. heehee... He was quite a flirt and asked quite a few of us girls to dance.
The concerts didn't start until 2ish. It was upper 80's to lower 90's so we hung out in the shade quite a bit.
Upon entrance, the Marines had a booth set up. You could win a shirt if you did 26 pull ups (for a guy) or hang there with your chin above the bar for 70 seconds. Chris got me to try it and I'm proud to say, I won a shirt! And a nice shirt at that! :-) I was a little embarrassed stepping on the Marine's let to reach the bar. But like Chris said, that he wouldn't be a marine if I hurt him stepping on him real quick. lol...
There were TONS of people!
Group picture again!
I don't know who the guy in the white shirt on the right was. But he was cracking us up as I was taking pictures! Chris started a civil war chant war. It got LOUD!
I think this is the only picture of the two of us we got the whole time!
Chris was a fantastic chef, cooked us breakfast burritos and he and Milton made a excellent chicken and stir fry!
We played some cards and 10,000.
One last crazy shot on the last night.
I'm not sure what we were doing...but we were having fun!
The last day was SUPER hot! See the line of outhouses. YUCK! YUCK YUCK!
This was our view from the beer garden. Not a great one, but the crowds were HUGE and this was closer than if we were in the general area.

We saw Diamond Rio, Steve Azar, Phil Vassar, Alan Jackson, Amy Clawson, Little Big Town and Blake Shelton! Yep...jam packed weekend full of music and fun! So much fun we've reserved our camp spot for next year already!

My stomach ACHED by the second day from laughing so hard. So many memories, so much fun! Thanks to my hubby and cousins for such a weekend!

July 2011's Project 12

I have been LOVING participating in Project 12. I think it is the neatest idea and one I will treasure for a long long time! My journaling struggles sometimes. I document events and wish I would be better documenting about the kids, the things they say and their personalities. Hopefully I can remember to do that in August.
I loved July's sketch! This Echo Park line jumped out to me when I was going through my papers.
July was such a busy month that journaling spot wasn't big enough! :-0 I drew a line around the edges of the kraft paper just to give it a more finished feel. This layout is very simple. I ran out of time and ran out of ideas on how to jazz it up.
Those little glass beads on the banner, or whatever they are, I found at my Grandpa's house while cleaning it after the estate sale. I thought they'd be perfect for scrapbooking!

In case your wondering about the journaling it went something like this: July started with the end of Em's summer visit. Followed by the 4th of July with a bbq at a friends house and watching the fireworks from the front lawn. Peyton had gymnastics twice a week (which he LOVED) and we also had the library summer reading program. The grandparents kept the kids for a weekend so Chris and I could attend the Customer Appreciation Concerts put on by his work. We had A BLAST seeing Dirt Drifters. My Uncle Dale passed away. We ended the month camping at Walton Lake (love that place) and attending a cousin significant others funeral and spending time with the family. We were on the run a lot. Anytime we knew we were going to be at my moms, she'd fill up the pool for them. They spent HOURS in this pool with a slide.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birthday Card

The Paper Variety's challenge this week is to use threads (baker's twine, ribbon, sewing thread, etc). Here is my take on the challenge.
The papers and bird sticker came from March Birds of a Feather kit. The felt rick-rack is from my stash as well as the SRM sentiment sticker.

Last week was the local fair. I took the kids on Thursday to see how our entries into the open class crafts did. We also stopped by the animals. Trying to get both kids to look at me for a nice picture was not in the cards this day.
We returned Friday night with Chris to hit the carnival. Peyton REALLY wanted to walk though this maze. When we got up there, he wouldn't go by himself so Chris ended up going through it with him.
Yeah...I don't think Chris was overly thrilled with this and will probably hack my account and delete this picture if he ever discovers it!
Next we headed to the game area.
Who knew that they'd charge $5 for 3 darts! :-0 Who knew that Peyton would pop 4 balloons with 3 darts! :-0 With four balloon we still only got a cheezy little stuffed animal.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a fun weekend in store!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mini Album or card? You decide!

Hello all! I can't believe how much of a slacker I have been this summer posting! I think I have been gone more than I have been home!

Last week was my Dad's, Chris's and my Grandmother-in-law's birthday! I wanted to do make something for my Grandmother-in-law but wasn't quite sure what to do. After some thinking, this is what I came up with:
Is it a card or a mini? I can't decide what to call it. haha! This is a Daisy D's Cd Mini Book. Or so that is what the package said. I made the flower on the front. I glued some yarn on a punched circle, then layered it on a piece of burlapy type material. I then took some Jenni Bowlin Crepe Paper Ribbon and gathered it a bit as I glued it the burlap.
When you open it up, you have a pocket on the left and the right side is flap that can be opened. There are three tabbed pieces too. I opted to put them in the pocket.
Here it is with the flap open.
And some of the tabbed pages....
I changed my photos to sepia as the colors just clashed big time if I didn't.

What do we do when we actually get a day at home?
Why dress up of course.
And go shopping! For some reason they call the laundry basket a shopping cart and like to push each other around in it. Maddy struggles pushing Peyton, but still tries!
Pardon the top missing. :-S She tends to have a mind of her own these days and when we are home its just not worth a fight!

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cosmo Cricket Challenge

Good morning! I hope you all are having a great weekend, or had one (depending on when you read this).

I host a challenge for Cosmo Cricket at This month I challenged everyone to use more than one photo on their layout. Easy peasy, right? You can see the challenge here. I'd love it if you came and played along! The winner gets some goodies from Cosmo Cricket and their layout featured on the Cosmo Cricket blog! All you need to do is create a layout using more than one picture and that is 90% Cosmo Cricket and then post it here.

Here are two layouts I've created using Cosmo Cricket that have more than one picture:

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