Tuesday, August 2, 2011


**Warning: This is a picture heavy post. **

Chris took a weeks vacation last week. We had plans set, hotel rooms booked, doctor appointments scheduled and then things started going to pot. Maddy's doctors appointment 3 hours away was rescheduled and then we had to be back two days earlier than planned for a funeral. So we scrapped all our plans and took off camping! This was Chris's decision and I think it was an excellent one. We've been wanting to go up to Walton Lake. It is only about a half hours drive from our house! :-)

Here we are:
This is our views...you can see some of the lake. It was so nice to be so close to walk too!
The first thing the kids did was ride their scooters back and forth.
We needed some campfire wood so we took off for a little drive to see what we could find.
Of course Peyton wanted to help.
And because Peyton did, Maddy did....
While helping Chris load the wood into the back of the truck I came across these. They brought back so many memories! These were my wildland firefighting gloves from way back in the day before kids.
Oh Walton Lake...how I love you...how I wish I could have a cabin right here to go to often....
Yes, those were capris that were more like shorts, paired with a camo jacket and rain-boots. She is quite stylish!
We went for a drive to Allen Creek Reservoir. I found a new place I want to camp. This would definitely be a Chris and me, no kids and tenting it trip. The road is pretty rough getting in there, but man, is it beautiful and so incredibly peaceful.
This photo is the works of Peyton.
The kids had a blast throwing rocks into the water. I got Peyton to wade in with me til his shorts got wet. But he wouldn't go swimming because we forgot his swim trunks.
Maddy didn't care to sit and wait for the fish to bite. So I'd take off for a walk around the lake with her. They closed down the lake last year to re-do the camp spots and the trail around the lake as well as kill off all the fish and restock the lake. Peyton was quite the fisherman. He caught 15 fish total! A few times he didn't have his line in the water but 2 minutes before he caught a fish! He learned to cast all on his own and DID NOT want anyone touching his pole when he was casting, he wanted to do it all by himself!
The kids cracked me up. They got restless, whiny and cranky, but also had lots of fun together.

We had a lot of fun!

As if that wasn't enough to wear the kids out (think, no naps and late nights) we got home Friday morning. Unloaded the trailer, did a few loads of laundry to load back in the trailer, packed for another weekend away and took off again! We had a birthday party, a funeral and Chris had a golf tournament Saturday and Sunday. All that called for staying where it was all located. I spent some time at my moms just hanging out. The kids were able to hop in the pool and play some on Sunday. They could spend HOURS in the little pool and going down the slide.
I also caught Maddy climbing into an exersaucer! She cracks me up!

I've been playing catch up since being gone so much and have another busy weekend and week to plan for. Wish me luck! At some point, life will slow down, right? We have a family reunion weekend camp out, 'I'm heading out to visit a on-line friend for the first time, we have three birthdays and a garage sale, all within a matter of 9 days! :-0

So as you can see, I haven't been home. I do, however have some new layouts to share with you. So check back soon!


Paisley Petals said...

I loved looking at all of these pictures! The lake is beautiful and Peyton is a budding photographer!!

gottaluvboyz said...

Fun...fun...fun!!! Peyton is an awesome photographer!!!


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