Wednesday, June 23, 2010


WAHOO!!!!! I finally got a bit of time to scrap! Yep, and it felt GREAT!

I scraplifted Aphra. Aphra has some mad talent and I just LOVE her blog. She recently started selling faboo kits too. You can check those out here. Trust me, you'll be glad you took the time to follow the link!
This was some Moxie stuff I had from a LONG time ago! That paper is Moxie as well as all the rub-ons. I layered the bat, ball, glove and 'way to go!' at the bottom. I'm not a big fan of the shapes (like glove, bat, etc). but really had fun layering them. The big baseball was hand made by me! A shock...I know! :-)

Oh, and as for the picture...Peyton LOVES to play baseball! He'd prefer to have the ball tossed to him rather than have a tee. We went camping at Lincoln City last summer which the in-laws. Peyton begged everyone to play baseball with him. He was hitting so well we had to have a back up catcher! :-)

Onto the Little Miss....can we say INDEPENDANT! I couldn't get her to eat yogurt one day (which is really unusual). Chris happened to come home and get "Here's her yogurt, good luck" as I walked off. He set it in front of her and she went to town!
Yep....a little on the messy side, but it makes her happy!

This picture CRACKS ME UP! Seriously, how can that be comfortable? He's gonna be SO mad at me some day for posting this picture on here.


Suzanne said...

Hehe, your pics always make me smile. :-) What a FAB layout! Sometimes a lift is just the thing to kick the mojo into gear. :-)

Paisley Petals said...

Love your lift! I'm jealous you have a LO done :\

What is it with these girls? K is the same way...will refuse food all day long but if I give her a bowl & spoon, she goes to town. She's pretty darn good at it, too. BUT I have to catch her before she starts to play instead of eat!

sarah said...

i LOVE aphra - she's a doll! :)

cute pics too!


wherethey'llgo said...

cute blog! your kids are adorable too!

Sarah Lou said...

You got your scrap on!! And you rocked it big time!!!!!

jenney said...

Super cute page! I'm glad you finally got to scrap. ;)


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