Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Aunt ROCKS!!!

My Aunt ArristaBelle made some really cool gifts for me. She made this really cool pacifier blanky. I also have one in pink and brown (it happens to be in use at the moment!). Its been a huge help today in attempt to keep Maddy happy and a pacy in her mouth. The other is an awesome little pouch for a couple diapers and small container of wipees that will fit perfectly in my purse and/or help me keep the diaper bag organized.

Peyton moved his chair all by himself to this location today. Guess he needed a foot rest! He is still in pajamas in this picture at around 11! He didn't want to get dressed, so he didn't! As my mom says, choose your battles. Getting dressed wasn't a battle I wanted to choose today!
Here is a really cool picture I got of Maddy and Papa! Isn't it sweet?


ellen s. said...

omg she totally does! that is so great! cute cute photos, too!

Tammydee said...

Aww, what a cute picture of Chris and Maddy! It's obvious she has him wrapped around her little finger already. :)

pamala said...

Great pics!!! Love the quilt, and th eother items too. Cutie kiddie pics too!

Reel Girl said...

Love the pacy blanket and the wipes holder!! Did your Aunt make those up, or use a pattern? Too cute!


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