Monday, October 18, 2010

Wahoo, Clip and Update

How is that for a title? haha! First off, I was excited to visit the Paper Variety Blog this morning and find this:
I have been busy working on Christmas Bazaar projects. I found these really cute large (they stand about 6" tall) colored clear clothespins with magnets on the back. I used a fabulous Paper Poppy Kit on this one (the pins and alphas were mine though).
Thank you for all the well wishes. Our trip went pretty well. We found OHSU/Dorbecker fairly easy (I was worried about this as we aren't used to freeways and tons of one-way streets). We only got honked at once. Apparently the bus driver didn't like us being in his 'bus only' lane! lol...We really liked the doctor and Maddy seemed to like her too. We are still trying to figure out the root cause. But til then we have found out she has fissures. We have a game plan to get those taken care of (which I am NOT looking forward too). While there Maddy had some blood drawn and had to go through a sweat test. Poor girl was traumatized by the blood being drawn. We made the mistake of doing that first (we didn't realize what the sweat test endured). So when it came to the sweat test Maddy screamed with all her might through the majority of the hour long process. Poor Peyton just sat in the chair and plugged his ears the first 15 min. or so. Then asked if we could go wait in the car. :-( We are waiting to hear back on a few tests.

We headed to the Oregon Coast after the appointment Man, what a nice weekend we had. The weather was beautiful and we had lots of fun! I got lots of pictures to share! We learned on the way home, poor Miss Maddy got car sick. She threw up big time about an hour away from home. :-(

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to get more pictures of my projects to share with you soon!


Audra said...

super cute project!! :)

Melissa said...

Very cool! I have a few of those and have wondered just what to do with them. Thanks for sharing your idea!

Mel said...

Love the little note clip and congrats on the feauture!

Suzanne said...

Congrats on the feature! I hope the docs can fix little miss up in a jiffy! Hugs!

Mara... said...

What a great paper clip, such a fun project!! I hope you get some answers from the doctors about your little girl. Big hugs to you Kayla!

Rbarakat said...

Aww poor Maddy, praying for her! ((hugs)) Congrats on the feature cute project!

A Sarasota said...

Great title and love the project... hugs for Maddie!

Jill Sarginson said...

Congrats for being featured! That rocks.

It was the bear!
(lol, just kidding ... the card is fab!)


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