Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cosmo Cricket Garden Variety Projects

I came across a fantastic sketch by Deb Harter at Birds of a Feather. Here is what I came up with for the sketch:
Maddy would get so excited when I put her in her high chair as she knew food was on the way!
I did a little doodling for a little extra oomph and of course, inked almost everything! The papers, chipboard and journaling spot are from the Garden Variety line and the ribbons are from the Jacks World Line! I did a little stitch down the center of the green ribbon so I could give it the gathered puckered look!

I have really been enjoying making magnet boards for my Christmas Bazaar. The thing is, I can't find them anywhere locally. The craft store I found them at is 3 hours away and doesn't have an on-line store. I can't seem to find the metal sheets anywhere (even on-line). :-( I did however, find this metal sheet at dollar tree. It had a snowman painted on it and was thinner, but I thought I'd try it. Unfortunately it isn't thick enough to be a magnet board. So I guess this will be a piece of wall art. I'll probably add a photo to it.
The flowers were chipboard that I covered and inked.

This week was 'teddy bear' week at Peyton's preschool. Today he got to wear his pajamas and take a stuffed animal with him. He picked out his favorite pj's (these glow in the dark! and have a bigger dinosaur on the top). He requested that I get a photo of him and when I went to get the camera he put the straw hat on top of his knit one. He's such a goof!

I hope nobody turns me into child services for this one. I have a stripper on my hands. On TWO occasions now I have gone to get her from her crib in the morning and she is TOTALLY naked, no diaper or anything. :-( Well, the first one was at 3am in the morning and Chris dealt with it. I thought a fleece zip up sleeper would solve the problem....wrong!
This sure did though! haha! Yep, Chris has been gone for 6 nights now and I have been lucky to average getting maybe an hour and a half of sleep at a time throughout the night, I'm awake more than not. I DID NOT want to treck upstairs and deal with her 'stripping in the middle of the night! haha! And knowing my luck she'd do it in the middle of one of my sleep spurts. So I did a little preventative work. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by! I have another fun Cosmo Cricket layout that will be sure to give you a laugh! So check back soon!


Suzanne said...

That pic of Maddy is HILARIOUS!!! Point for mama! LOL Great projects as always. :-)

Audra said...

love all the CC!! super cute layout and really fun wall hanging!! :)

Glynis said...

Great job with all those Cosmo goodies!

Jill Sarginson said...

That CC layout is SO adorable! You should email it to them .. LOVE it!!!

Peyton is so cute - and pjs that glow in the dark? Really? I so need to get some of those (um for clarification - for Abigail, not me! lol). Cute pic of Maddy too ... my friend had to do that also, lol

A Sarasota said...

Is that duct tape????? Oh my!!!!
Hope you get some good sleep soon. Love your covered and inked flowers, those rawk!

pattiwest said...

Definitely one of my fave los of yours, Kay!!! Love it so much! The pics, colors and your embellies - all so sweet. Cute kid pics and clipboard too. :) :)

Hannah said...

oh Kids! Silly, silly!! We still swaddle the babies with velcro. So, I don't think there is anything wrong with taping a diaper. I sure hope you get more sleep!

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