Monday, October 11, 2010

Art Freckles Card & Birthday

A quick tid bit....Cosmo Cricket has a fab post on their blog today. They showed their beautiful new line and posted a challenge of sorts. They are looking for a honorary GDT for the month of November. SSOOO, y'all knowing how HUGE of a Cosmo Cricket fan I am, I'd be over the moon if I won the GDT spot! I wonder if Lindsay and Julie would take bribes? ;-) Anywho, if you haven't cast a nomination yet, and get a chance, I'd GREATLY appreciate it if you could hop on over to their blog and nominate me (as simple as 'I nominate Mustangkayla and/or Kayla D.'). Their blog is found here: . Thanks a heep to everyone that does that! I owe ya... :-)

I made this card for a sketch challenge over at Art Freckles. The flowers were made from vintage sheet music I found in the piano bench I inherited from my Grandpa. I also used a SRM sticker. I just love those stickers! They are so fantastic for card making!

We recently celebrated my Grandpa's birthday. It didn't matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get everyone to look at the camera. Here is four generations, my brother and his baby, my grandpa and my dad.
This picture cracks me up. I love how Josh (my brother) and Peyton are interacting.
My mom wanted a picture of all her grandkids together. This is what she got. Haha! Like I said, it was hopeless getting anyone to cooperate with photos!


Rbarakat said...

LOL! it's so hard to get all the kids looking in the same direction!
The card is darling and you know I went oer to CC and nominated you girl! Good luck!

A Sarasota said...

I'll nominate you at CC!
and i've marked on my 2011 calendar to remind you in advance to do an 11 things on 11-11-11!

Jill Sarginson said...

Love that card Kayla. And that bear! lol. Totally stealing that idea!

I nominated you! ;)

And a little photo tip for photographing kids (hey, it may work for adults too). Tell them if they all smile nice for the camera, then you'll let them do goofy/funny faces for the next photo. It ALWAYS works foe me and I get the best pictures - even the goofy ones are a treasure!


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