Friday, April 23, 2010

Photo Catch-up

Wow do I have some picture catching up to do!

Madeline has shown a new love for necklaces. Peyton has had fun with the party bead necklaces and we have a handful scattered around the house. Miss Maddy found them and wears them almost daily. I'm I have a girly girl on my hands? Yikes...what am I going to do? And if you take the beads away from her, be prepared for a tantrum. She DOES NOT like you taking her necklaces away from her.
Maddy's hair has gotten really curly and I just LOVE it! Although it does lead to some wild bed head hair. :)
She is loving walking, although not to steady quite yet. She loves to hold on to someones finger and walk. I just noticed Chris's pants are rolled up...thats kinda funny!
Chris and I have been trying to get her to walk in-between us. Peyton is so proud of his little sister and wants in on the action. Below he is telling her "come here Maddy, walk to me".
That usually leads to this...

Now for Peytons 4th birthday. I went super simple and easy this year and we had it at one of our favorite restaurants that Peyton loves, Charlies. I ordered a cake from Costco and bought Curious George cake toppers for it at Peytons request.
He then thought he should get his very own birthday cake like Maddy got her own lady bug. I couldn't fight with that one so I called up Safeway to get one of the individual cakes made up. She said she could put a monkey on it.
Umm....looks like a bear to me. But ssshhh....don't tell Peyton! ;-)
What did Maddy think about Peytons birthday...
Now back to daily life. I spend WAY to much time in this chair. Its such a bad picture of me, but it is what it is.
Sadly, these were my best pair of jeans. :-( Yep, I discovered the start of a hole. Guess I play on the floor to much with the kids. I never got holes in the knees til Peyton started crawling. This means I'm going to have to shop for jeans. To me thats like shopping for a swimsuit or a bra....NO FUN!

If you made it this far...kudos to you! haha! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back soon. I have a few fun projects to share!


Suzanne said...

Wow, that's lots of stuff to comment on! Lets see if I can remember everything... Maddy's hair is just like mine. LOL about the bed head, yep, I can relate. Thing is, she'll flat iron it the minute she's old enough to. :-( LOL about Chris' jeans being rolled up, probably so he doesn't fall down. :-D And that monkey cake? Uhhh, I'd send a pic of that in to the Cake Wrecks folks. But as long as Peyton was happy... and good luck on finding jeans. There's a whole several month long thread on the old CC forum about my adventures finding a pair of jeans that I liked. LOL

Paisley Petals said...

My DH would kill me for posting a pic of him with his jeans rolled up (though he does it often!)

I agree with Suzanne on submitting that to Cake Wrecks ;)

Send your girly-girl over here, I've got two already LOL


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