Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another Cosmo Cricket Layout

Nicole at Citrus Tree Studio challenged us to use a large shape. I found this picture from two years ago. Peyton looks so small. He was (and still is) my little buddy. He loved to run errands, shop and go garage saling with me. We'd have so much fun talking, singing and just spending time together. Not very often do I get pictures with the kids so I wanted to make sure and scrap them when I do.
I thought it would be fun to cut around the Cosmo Cricket Early Bird patterned paper giving it a fun edge. I then ran a red pen along the edge to make it stand out a little more.
I did a lot of fussy cutting. The only thing that isn't Cosmo Cricket is the cardstock and Doodlebug alpha stickers.
Here are a few pictures to share from Easter.

I was pretty bad about pictures. We ended up having to wake the kids up and that definitely started them out on the wrong foot and posed pictures were just out of the question.

Peyton discovered chocolate bunnies, but like his daddy, he produces heat like no other and melted the bunny before he could eat it all.

Poor Maddy, I was a bad mommy and didn't try any dresses on her before Easter to make sure we had one. This was the 4th one and she was not pleased by the end of this process. She REALLY did not like her headband. It didn't make it out the door with us!

I couldn't resist the sunglasses for her Easter basket. They are so darn cute on her. Now if I can just figure out how to get her to leave them on. Notice the hairdo? She has the wildest hairdos in the morning!


gottaluvboyz said...

Love the layout...super cute with the fussy cutting! LOL about P with the chocolate bunny and M with the headband. They are so darn cute:)

Noelle Reese said...

Love the layout! I was shocked to see you used CC on it LOL :-)
Carlee is the hottest baby ever too LOL MnM's do too melt in your hands! My girls will not wear a head band either. I think our heads are far too large for them LOL
Great pictures!

Melissa said...

Your layouts are super! I love the pictures of your kids, they are soooo adorable!!! Lots of cuteness at your house!

Kelly C said...

What a gorgeous layout! and those easter pics are adorable. The sunglasses only work here if we face g-man to the sun, then put them on so he can see what they are for.

sarah said...

i LOVE the colors to this LO! so fun and so fresh!

and great photos too!! soooooo adorable!


Mara... said...

I love that big heart and the edge along the paper. What a super fun layout!! And I looove that pic with the melted chocolate bunny. Too cute!

Holly said...

I love this scrap page! Love that big heart and the fussy cutting around that paper. Beautiful job, girlie!

Jamilie said...

The LO is great and so are the pics!!! Love Peytons hands in chocolate.. LOL!

Peet said...

Such great Page!!!
Love the pictures!

Bev said...

love the fun bold bright layout... so cute... love it...


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