Thursday, April 29, 2010

Challenge Layout

Citrus Tree's April Guest Designer challenged us to use a package as inspiration for a layout. I used a tub of Jif as my inspiration.
These pictures just crack me up. Chris took one of the little kids bikes at my mom for a spin! Peyton thought it was pretty cool that Papa was riding bikes and scooters with them. :)
I just love this BoBunny line! Love the colors and masculine feel to it!

Here Maddy is whining for her necklace that Chris just took away from her. I gave it to her and she instantly looks at Chris and leans into him for a hug. I just love her smile she has on!

Yep, pretty darn happy she got her way. but how can you say 'no' to that face?

Peyton has just been full of it lately. He wanted this chipmunk shirt SSSOOO bad. I do not like shirts like this, I'm more of a plain jane type of girl. Well, unfortunately for me, Peyton does. :( He was SO excited to wear his new 'chickmunk' shirt and sunglasses he got for his birthday! So excited he couldn't stand still for a photo!


Catherine said...

What a unique choice for inspiration! It turned out great! And those pics are too funny! Love it!

sarah said...

i agree with catherine.... such a diff place to find inspo, but it def worked!!! :)

LOVED your take on that challenge... and your layouts are stunning.


gottaluvboyz said...

Great layout, that you used a jar of Jif as your inspiration! BTW, I could not say no to dd's face. Give her all the beads and baubles she wants. I hear you on the plain shirts vs. character shirts. Typically, they are not my thing. However, the kiddos like 'em. You win some. You lose some.

Melonie said...

Super cute LO! Love how you were inspired by the Jif can. Super cute pics of your super cute kiddos too:)

Suzanne said...

Great layout! Very bright and masculine, yes. And just wait til he starts wearing skull and crossbones on his clothing. :-X

Paisley Petals said...

I broke down and bought our first licensed clothing item this month...a princess bathing suit! I figure at least I only see it for about an hour at a time! LOL

Where'd your post about the mists go?!


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