Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

Warning, this is a picture heavy post. I just wanted to share a bunch of pictures of the Easter going-ons with you!

If this picture doesn't crack you up, I'm not sure what will. This is what happens when you have too many Peeps! heehee!
I have been having the hardest time getting Peyton to pose for pictures lately. I wanted to get pictures so I could do a layout with his love of Peeps. This is my little marshmallow boy!
See, more proof he just won't pose nicely for a picture. We dyed Easter eggs Thursday night.

What did Maddy do? sat in her high chair and had a snack!
Peyton still really likes stickers, so I bought a kit that came with stickers he could put on the eggs.

Ray's grocery store has a annual egg hunt. They have certain isles for certain age groups. Peyton was a little overwhelmed here. First off it was REALLY crowded and secondly he didn't understand it was okay to grab the eggs. He knows he can't just grab stuff off the shelves, so it kinda through him for a loop. There was another dad making a big deal about the parents in the isles. But Peyton did get a handful of eggs. It was really hard to get pictures.
Luckily my mom was there also and took Maddy to her isle and picked up a few eggs for her. She really hadn't a clue and didn't care much about it at all.
There was also a egg hunt at the local park. They had some games set up, a food booth and a few other things.
Peyton loves to play games like this.
Somehow I ended up with Peyton inside the egg hunt area. Next year Chris will definitely be the one. Too many people, too much chaos, too many rude parents. Here I was coaching Peyton to run across the area to where Chris and my dad were. They were there encouraging him to grab eggs. The picture was taken before 3 sets of parents stood right in front of us blocking us in! Yep...rude!
This pictures just cracks me up!
He finally figured it out and had a lot of fun grabbing the eggs!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!


Suzanne said...

Love all your pics! I have to tell ya, I HATE rude people! These are kids for cryin' out loud! Someone needs to hand them a camera and show them how it's done. Grrr. Looks like Peyton had fun anyway, kudos to him, AND YOU for teaching him how not to be a pig. Oooh, ugly, sorry. Next year, I want pics of Peyton tackling the idiots! LOL Happy Easter to you and yours. :-)

Sarah Lou said...

oh thats what peeps are. Marshmallows?!
sorry bout the rude non mallow peeps. I hate that sort of thing in childrens things. Happy belated easter!!!


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