Thursday, April 15, 2010

Peyton At 4

I can't believe my baby boy is 4! He turned 4 on Tuesday! *sniff* *sniff* We took him out to a local pizza restaurant and invited a couple friends with kids. This pizza place has a VERY COOL kids play area which Peyton just LOVES. He had preschool on his birthday so I sent him with some frosted cookies to share with his friends and his teachers made him this really cute crown. His birthday party (the cake and ice cream kind) is Saturday.

Trying to get him to pose before he took off into the play structure at the pizza restaurant was just not possible! This is what I got! haha!

So here it goes, some tidbits about Peyton at the age of 4:
  • He weights 40 pounds.
  • He loves dinosaurs, Alvin & The Chipmunks, Spiderman and the punching Hulk (Incredible Hulk).
  • He still loves Lightning Mcqueen.
  • He is very active and loves to go the park to run around and play.
  • He loves being outside whether it be for a walk, camping, working in the yard, playing catch, riding his get the idea.
  • He spelled BARN for Chris on wednesday. He knows his alphabet and how to count to 14. He is starting to spell some, read and recognize words.
  • He LOVES his sister, sometimes too much.
  • He still doesn't like most foods and prefers to play over eat.
  • His favorite tv shows are World World, Tom & Jerry and Curious George.
  • Peyton is such a joy and happy boy. He brightens my days and is so much fun.
  • He is continually cracking me up with our conversations. Some recent ones:

P: Mommy do you smell that?
M: No, what do you smell?
P: Bug poop.

P: Mommy, Mommy, check out my cool new trick!
M: Oh, cool, whats your new trick?
P: The air goes in my ears and out my mouth!
M: Thats a pretty neat trick!

P: Mommy, can we go to Grandpa and Grandma GG's?
M: No, sorry buddy, not today (yes, this is a daily question).
P: Are they closed? (Peyton thinks that if he can't go they are closed, like a store is closed, it cracks me up)

I have a few more scrappy projects up my sleeve and ready to share so check back soon!


gottaluvboyz said...

What fun facts about your little guy...glad he had a great b-day.

To answer your questions about the decals just do a search on ebay or etsy. You can enter in about any image you want followed by ''vinyl wall decals''. I have seen monkeys, trucks, dinos, flowers, etc. You can also get personalized names, bible verses, etc. Tons of possibilities:)

pattiwest said...

That kid cracks me up!! Happy birthday to your son, Kay! I love how you appreciate so much about him at four years old. :) :)

Suzanne said...

BUG POOP!!!! ROFL! Okay, so the humor is a little juvenile, but I thought it was hilarious! :-D Great pics, I know he'll enjoy his celebration this weekend. :-)

Jamilie said...

I like the bug poop comment! LOL!!!!


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