Friday, April 16, 2010

Live near Logan Utah?

Oh boy do I wish I lived near Logan Utah! Cosmo Cricket just posted on their blog they are looking for a Project Coordinator! Wow...wouldn't that be one cool job? I have dreamed of this (working for Cosmo Cricket), but unfortunately live just a tad bit to far away. I told Chris I wanted to move and he said he would drive a U-Haul down for me. Anyone want to move with me? :)

Here is a card I made recently using the Purse Card with Gift Card Layer. You all are probably getting tired of seeing this bear, but he is so cute and makes a good prop.

I created a little accordian with pictures and hooked it in the gift card slots.

The pictures aren't the best. I have been struggling with finding good lighting in our new house. I mean, we have plenty of light and windows, but I can't seem to get good pictures.
Thanks for stopping by!


Suzanne said...

Very cute project, and I think you'd make an awesome project manager! I also think Utah would be the perfect spot to move, no one would think to look for me there! LOL

Teresa Jaye said...

Kayla, Congrats on your feature on the Imaginisce blog today - that's awesome!

pattiwest said...

okay seriously.....THAT IS SO FREAKIN' CUTE!! I love it! :) And yes, you would make a fab project manager at CC. Perhaps you could commute??? ;) ;)

Aphra said...

That would be a dream job! Darn real life, hun? :D LOVE your purse project...very clever to put photos instead of gift cards. And BIG congrats on being the i-Spy project at Imaginisce!


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