Friday, April 2, 2010

Cute Easter Project

I came across this idea on the Tombow blog. I knew I had to try it. I wasn't sure who I was going to give it to, but Chris gave me a great idea. The Easter Bunny will be delivering it to a friends front porch Sunday morning (I think the friends are gone...).

The bottom layer is crushed graham crackers, then peeps, some brown sugar to keep the peeps in shape and top off with M&M's. Its as easy as that.
I glued patterned paper to the lid to jazz it up a bit and glued a fabulous flower made by the super talented Pam to the lid.
Last weekend we picked up my Grandparents piano. It is pretty darn out of tune, but we have been having so much fun playing it! I have missed my piano playing a lot more than I realized. I have been sitting down at it at least once a day. Peyton and even Maddy have really enjoyed it too. Maddy found a broken/sticky key and is pretty fascinated by it. I sure hope the neighbors can't hear us. Not only are we out of tune but all three of us are playing different tunes! :0)


gottaluvboyz said...

OMGoodness, that is super cute:) I need to do that next year...LOVE it. You find the cutest things:) Have fun playing the piano!

Suzanne said...

Very cute idea! Whats it say on the tag? Glad you're enjoying the piano, looks like the kiddos are too! LOL

Sarah Lou said...

Oh I love that jar!!! Its so cute and so eastery coloured!


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