Friday, January 21, 2011

She cracks me up!

First off, I apologize for the bad picture. Amy over at Birds of a Feather challenged us to use paint and no ink on a layout! :-0 Yeah, no ink! This was definitely a challenge for me! My super talented friend Karen created this fabulous layout not to long ago and I knew I wanted to lift it (okay, I kinda copied it more than lifted...but I loved it so much I couldn't help it... :-) ....).

I just LOVED this line by Scenic Route that Helen sent me a few months ago! I couldn't part with the scraps and was able to use them on this layout!

Maddy just cracks me up! In the layout above she had just got into putting on Peyton's shoes all by herself and wearing them. Notice another pants. For some reason she'd pull off her pants before trying to put shoes one! haha!

Here are pictures from this week:
Yep, a trip to the bathroom and this is what I come out too....she took off her shirt and pants and put on her brothers boots! :-0
Here she is cleaning! She was SO excited I gave her a wipee she ran upstairs and started cleaning the entertainment center for me!
She was quite thorough too!
Yep...this one really gets me! She came running out from her room yelling "!!!!" I am not sure how she got them on as they are 2 sizes too small, but she did. Notice the no pants and shirt pulled up high too!
Lol....see...she cracks me up! Here she is yelling 'gedddyup horzey' and laughing and bouncing!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! I also hope I make it through mine! Its going to be a busy one!


Glynis said...

Love this layout!! One of my favorites so far :O)

A Sarasota said...

adorable photos, and wonderful LO!

p.s. for some reason, I thought you hated photos of spiders, hence my warning note on my blo! lol

patti west said...

You are so lucky to have such fun built-in entertainment!!! LOL!!! Tom and I used to laugh {so much!} at the boys when they were little. I'm glad you appreciate your little ones, Kay! :) Your lo is beautiful. I love that SR line too. Sweet butterflies and very cute pics of Maddie.

gottaluvboyz said...

Great LO! Maddy just cracks me up...she must bring so much laughter into your life!

Mara... said...

I love the layout, such fun colors. And fabulous photos of your daughter! They will be so much fun to scrap!!

AND I got your blog candy today...oh my you stuffed that box full!! Thank you so much for all the great scrapping things!!!

Paisley Petals said...

LOL, LOVE those pictures of Maddy - she's so darn cute! I feel so honored that you lifted a layout of mine ;) and how SMART that you used paint for the circle!

~jan said...

Terrific job with the "paint, no ink" layout! I love that SR line too. I think I might be down to the last bits on all my SR stuff-it just breaks my heart! Little Miss is so darn cute!

Mel said...

Oh she is sooo cute! Love that LO too. The butterflies are such a great touch:) Hope you had a super weeknend.


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