Monday, January 24, 2011

Cosmo Cricket Earth Love Layout

I was itching to get some 'me' time in last week. It took a lot of trying but I did get a few minutes here and there. It took me all dang week to get a layout done! :-( But I did get one done! :-)

Maddy LOVED these necklaces. She'd get excited when she found one and put it on herself! There was a couple weeks where both kids didn't leave the house without them on!
I used a couple lines from Cosmo Cricket on this one, Lil' Man, Togetherness and Pixie-licious chipboard, the 'You're Beautiful' strip is from the Pixie-licious line and the papers are from the Earth Love line!

Meet Kitty:
Chris bought Kitty for Maddy while on a trip to the Oregon Coast this summer. From the moment she woke up and saw it, she wouldn't let go of it! Not sure why she called it Kitty, but she did and the there was no changing her mind! ;-) So Kitty it is! It goes grocery shopping, it takes Buddy (Peyton) to goes EVERYWHERE!

How cute is this?
Yep, Maddy LOVES her Papa so much! On this day she was quite attached to him. I tried to sit down next to them and was pushed away! :-0

Thanks so much for stopping by!


A Sarasota said...

I :heart: your Earth love layout!
and what sweet photos of Maddy and Daddy...

Suzanne said...

Great layout, Kayla! Can't go wrong with pics of Miss Maddy anyway. :-)


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