Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Sketch Site & Journaling Challenge

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Over at Birds of a Feather, Amy challenged us to journal about a resolution we've made this year. I normally don't make them, I'm not a big fan of them at New Years time. Although I do try to do them through out the year as I see things that need to change. I've been trying to do this one for a while, but so glad for Amy's challenge to push me to scrap about it.

A close up of the journaling so I don't have to retype it all! :-)
Kids grow up to fast, I know in a blink of an eye, Peyton won't be asking me to sit on my lap and hold him, he won't be asking me too play games with him, he won't be telling me 'your beautiful Mommy and I love you' (doesn't that just melt your heart...he does that on a regular basis all on his own). I want to enjoy every second of it! Same with Maddy, she has been quite clingy lately and wants you to hold her a lot. It can be frustrating when your trying to get something done. Its hard for me to let it go and just hold her, but I'm working on that really hard!

I came across this new site and am ABSOLUTELY LOVING it! Yep, y'all gotta check it out! Its called Sketch Support. Every week they have a different sketch. One week is a one page sketch, one week a two page sketch, one week a card sketch and one week a free for all sketch. Then each day of the week they post DT's takes on those sketches. They have one talented DT too! DEFINITELY worth the time to check it out, so much inspiration their!


Suzanne said...

What a sweet layout! You are so right, all too soon, they won't want it, so get the cuddles in while you can. :-)

~jan said...

What a wonderful layout, Kayla! Love your journaling-you are so right, everything goes so fast, pretty soon they'll be too big for your lap! :( Thanks for the heads up about the new site!

patti west said...

Kay, this lo is a SHOW STOPPER!! ohmygosh...I love it!! The precious photo and journaling got me along w/the fab design! I'm going to check out the new sketch site you found. Thanks!! :)

gottaluvboyz said...

Great LO and you couldn't be more spot on w/ your true! Love the new site you shared...thanks:)

Mara... said...

ah, so sweet! What a sweet photo and I just love the journaling. It's so true, get in the cuddling while you can!! And that cute little row of buttons, love them!

Mel said...

Love this Kay! So true.

Aphra said...

Great layout! I totally need to beef up my journaling, too. I need to head over to the new site. I've already discovered Sketch Support. LOVE It!!!


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