Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Recap & Pictures

Better late than never, right?

We spent Christmas Eve at my in-laws. I was really curious how Maddy would respond to everything. She got into opening packages. She'd rip one open, set it aside and rip the next one open! Haha! Then she'd go after everyone elses gifts! haha!
She was VERY excited about my new slippers!
Peyton wanted to play with everything RIGHT NOW! His attention span was a bit short too, playing with a new toy for 2 minutes before wanting to open another one!
I posted this one cause of the roll in Maddy's hand. She called these hamburgers (they kind looked like a small hamburger bun). The little stinker kept sneaking into the kitchen and getting one, eating half of it and ditching it! She had at least 5 of them! Then when we finally moved the basket to where she couldn't get to it, she found the bag of rolls and took one out of there! Haha!
We had a lot of fun spending time with family Christmas Eve and even managed to squeeze a card game in.

We stayed the night at my parents house and spent Christmas day with my family. Christmas morning both kids woke up about the same time! Peyton was super excited to see what Santa brought him! He went through all of his stocking.
Maddy on the other hand...found a piece a chocolate and was done. All she wanted was to eat it! haha!
Peyton was SUPER excited about the watch Santa brought him, I think he wore its straight for 2 weeks only taking it off to take a bath and if we remembered at night.
One of my super sweet friends Milie sent the kiddos these gifts. They had a BLAST with them! This mat is really cool, it folds and zips on all four sides and turns into a box to hold the dinosaurs!
Maddy got a Snugle Kin. This is the cutest thing ever! It makes adorable noises. When you put the bottle in its mouth it makes sucking noises, when you lay it back it coos, when you tilt it up it makes yawning noises like it just woke up. Cute I tell ya! :-)
Isn't my nephew adorable? He is such a happy baby! Put him on the ground on his back and he is pretty darn good at opening gifts using his hands and kicking it with his feet! :-)
My poor mom had back surgery the Tuesday before Christmas, so this is how she had to enjoy all the going-ons!
My mom found this adorable hat on a trip to Washington. Its the cutest dang thing!
We had a DELICIOUS meal Christmas day (prime rib baby...can't go wrong there)!

Once again no posed photos, not many good photos and no group shots!

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