Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Maddy's 1st Birthday layout, Giveaway, Winner

I am LOVING Birds of a Feather. Its such a fabulous site! Amy is as sweet as can be and creates fantastic kits. One thing I really like about them, she puts two of a lot of the double sided papers in the kit! :-) Anyhow, this is my take on the January Sketch Challenge:

I'm not overly sure I like this layout. lol...I really wanted to use the large ladybug as it was the invitation I made for her 1st birthday. I think its just too big and the wrong color of red. lol...

I've mentioned this new site that I LOVE. I mean, its topping my fave blog list at the moment. Its Sketch Support. Well, the ever so talented Jill is on the DT there and has a fabulous giveaway posted on her blog! Hurry and go check it out. Its a sketch book jam packed full of fabulous sketches! :-)

Now onto my giveaway.......the winner by random drawing is........MARA! I'll contact you soon!

I gotta share these pictures. They crack me up. I read on some blog, a fellow scrapper was having troubles with her daughter stripping in her crib. This led to many middle of the night issues of wetting the bed, being cold, etc. So she put her footed pj's on backwards. I LOVED this idea. See, the little miss....is quite independent. She can change her clothes for the most part on her own. I don't know why, but she likes to take her pj's off. Then her diaper...then she wets the bed....and we keep our house cooler....and its just a pain in our rear. The result...Chris waits for her to go to sleep and then goes in and puts her pj's back on! Lol....So this is my solution:

Notice anything missing on the front?
Yep, its on the back.....heehee! She doesn't see to mind at all either! :-)


gottaluvboyz said...

I really like the LO, Kayla! The ladybug invite is perfect! LOL about the backwards pj's. Hope it works for you!

Hannah said...

that cake is awesome! Lucky Maddy!

~jan said...

What a great idea-no more stripping in the night! :) I adore your layout, Kay. I dont think that cute lady bug is too big or the wrong red-its perfect!

Blogger said...

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