Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cosmo Cricket Ornament

The Cosmo Cricket Design Team challenged blog followers to create a ornament. I came across these ornaments a year ago and they are so fun and easy. I thought the CC papers I had would be perfect for them. I'll most likely use them to decorate a package. But then again...I'm really liking them so may just keep them! haha!
I came across a tutorial over a year ago, so have no clue how to track it to give credit.
Aren't they fun? I gave the idea to my mom for the craft night she was coordinating at her school. She said they were definitely the favorite craft of the night! So much so, that she did them again this year!

Speaking of ornaments...we got our tree over the weekend! I'm very lucky as Chris takes care of the loading, unloading and setting up. He is also a pro at putting the lights on!
Peyton was SUPER excited to start hanging ornaments. Excuse my bad hairdo...I didn't curl it that day, I had it up in a clip til I got a headache!
I figured it easier to decorate the tree while Maddy was nappy. I know we would have broken more ornaments than the one Peyton did had she been awake. She wasn't too sure what to think.
But after she woke up and got some food in her tummy she though it pretty interesting!

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Glynis said...

Wow that is one beautiful tree! I love those origami style ornaments and wish you still had the tutorial available. They look like fun to make :O)

Jill Sarginson said...

kayla, those ornaments rock - you are awesome! doing the sketch tomorrow btw!! :) Barely have time to breathe, work is SO busy right now!!

~jan said...

Those ornaments are just beautiful, Kayla!

Mel said...

Love your ornaments!! Your tree looks so nice and I love Maddy's expression:)

Paisley Petals said...

You're such a skinny minny! I can tell that I like the new hairdo ;) Even with the bad hairday!

The ornaments are awesome!


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