Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Altered Candle

My Sister In Law put candles on her Christmas Wish list. I thought it would be fun to alter one up!
I found this stand and fell in love with it. It was perfect for a large 4 wick candle.
The black and white ribbon and the red rhinestone sticks were leftovers from her wedding that she gave me, knowing that I am a crafting freak!
I LOVE the layered flower look, hope she does! :-)

We got a bit of snow last weekend. Peyton and Chris had fun playing in it and they built a snowman, of course, totally outdoing mine! :-)
What do you do with the snowman is built? Why, shoot your arrows at him of course! Haha!

Thanks for stopping by!


~jan said...

Love that candle, Kayla!! The stick pins and the glitter are wonderful little sparkly additions!

Awesome snowman! I just love the scenery of where you live-it is truly breathtaking!

Suzanne said...

Oh my! A bow and arrow! That poor snowman, but glad you got pics! That'll be fun to scrap. LOL Love that candle, so pretty. Merry Christmas!

Mel said...

Great candle Kayla:) Hope you have a very Happy Holiday!!!

Kelly C said...

that candle is lovely! I'm sure she will love that you used the ribbon from her wedding too! So cool! Love the snowman pics too :)

Paisley Petals said...

Love that candle! How neat that it's using leftovers from her wedding :)

Love the bow & arrow!


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