Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pictures, pictures and more pictures

As I mentioned in my last post, Chris took a weeks vacation a few weeks back. Our plans didn't work. We ended up having to come up with different things to do. Chris wanted to take Peyton fishing. So we loaded up one afternoon and took off to a fishing spot maybe 5 to 10 min. from our house. Seeing it was the middle of the week, we had the spot to ourselves!
Maddy was quite intrigued with the water. She wanted to walk right into it, shoes and all. I knew she was going to end up falling in by the end of the day, but she didn't.
Peyton had a lot of fun. The fish weren't biting so he lost interest in the fishing quickly and started throwing rocks in the water.
He couldn't sit still, haha!
Most of our camp chairs were in our trailer, in my parents driveway, 40 min. away. Thank goodness for a bucket we had in the garage! haha!

What else did we do? Chris took Peyton to the driving range. Boy did Peyton enjoy this! He has his own set of little golf clubs and even a little glove! How cute is that?

Of course, a yummy bbq meal at my parents. Oh how I crave these meals. My dads garden had a off year and he didn't get any lettuce, but we stopped by the grocery store and picked some up. The beans and taters are from the garden though. Yum.....My mom makes THE BEST green beans every! Hands down...I could eat a whole pot full! Yes, this is my plate, yes I ate it all, yes I even went back for more green beans!
Miss Maddy loved the meal too. She devoured her green beans and taters!

And some exciting news....
My last layout I posted here, made the top five!
Thanks for stopping by! I have a few layouts to share so please come back soon!


A Sarasota said...

Wonderful photos!
I love Maddy's curly locks so much...

Paisley Petals said...

Great golfing picture! And her hair, oh my, HER HAIR!!! I just love it :) Congrats on your top five ;)

Suzanne said...

Congrats on the Top 5! Love all the photos, those will be great ones to scrap. Where on earth did Maddy get that head of hair, she's adorable! Makes me think of that song Wild Thing... stuck in your head yet? :-D

Sarah Lou said...

Congrats on top 5!!!!! And i really wanna be in those photos. its just what i need. it looks lovely, glad you had a great time!

Steph Zerbe said...

Congrats! What fun the trip was. Maddy's curls are just darling!


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