Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bad picture taking....Cosmo Cricket Layout

So I think the kids have done something with my camera. It didn't matter where I took a picture of this layout, it came out horrible. I keep catching Peyton and Maddy both playing with my camera. Apparently the center of a table is no longer a safe place for it.

I had originally started this layout for my Cosmo Cricket challenge at Scrapbook.com to use two different lines from Cosmo Cricket. Everything but the cardstock and staples is from their new Mitten Weather line except the cardstock and the green scalloped piece is from their Earth Love line.
Maddy discovered my CC stash one day. It didn't matter how I tried to side track her, she tried her best to get it! A girl after my own heart. :-) I love the progression of pictures. In the first one I can just picture her thinking, 'oh thats pretty....I want to play with it too, should I or shouldn't I...mommy says no, but man...it is just screaming at me to play with'. Then the second one shows her decision and the third is the 'what...me?' look! haha!
I misted the base just to give it some flair. I also cut out a logo from one of their little catalogs or papers (cant' remember...sorry) sot hat the tag would read 'All I want for Christmas is Cosmo Cricket'. I finally got my hands on a long reach stapler so I added a few staples here and there and went over them very lighting with Stickles.

This is a site often found at our house. Piles of dinosaurs, dinos lining the window seal, dinos marching across the room, dino piles...ya get the picture!


sarah said...

wowsers! cute out that stash of CC (and dinos). hehehe. looks like loads of fun.


Mel said...

Cute LO and I totally remember the dino days...I even had to paint a big mural on Evan's wall:) Hope you have a great week.

Mara... said...

so cute!!! I love the look on her face in the photos!! And that pile of dinos looks just like the pile of little pet shop pets in our house!

Paisley Petals said...

Seems that you are only scrapping CC these days! ;) Love those pictures of little miss!


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