Saturday, September 11, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Pictures

**WARNING** Many many photos to share today!

This past weekend we went out to our favorite camp spot. I LOVE this place, its only 15 minutes from our house, yet out in the woods. There is a neat old old ranger barn and outhouse and a little creek. I wish there was a way to buy this little spot!

Chris's parents, grandparents and aunt came camping with us. GG's (great grandparents) bought Peyton this little Jeep a while back. He has been scared to drive it, but not this weekend. They put miles on this thing driving circles around camp. Maddy would chase after Peyton screaming at him if he took off without her.
It was hard to get good pictures as the lighting was all wonky cause of the trees. There were TONS of shadows!

I love it that my kids LOVE each other. Yeah they fight, but they also love to give each other hugs, kisses and share toys and food.

Maddy would talk on the phone (the walky talky toy attached to the truck) or wave like crazy and say 'byebye' over and over and over as Peyton drove her round and round the campspot.
Maddy loved GG's spaghetti! Can you tell? haha!

There were TONS of these little frogs. When I say tons, it was sometimes hard NOT to step on them. lol...Peyton had a TON of fun catching them.

I love it when Maddy wrinkles up her nose.

Yep, this is the Little Miss's hair when she wakes up. And actually, I had pulled the front part back into pigtales. Its wild...just like her! :0)

She LOVES bubbles and learned how to say bubbles this weekend. She'd take the little bottle and walk to anyone and everyone asking them to blow them for her.
Peyton took Maddy for a ride, then parked the jeep in front of a tree with Maddy's back towards us. He got up and took off to do something else leaving Maddy there by herself. It cracked us up. She just sat there for quite a while too. I think she thought he would be coming back for her, which he didn't.

Yep...the kids got so darn dirty.

We went for a drive to scout for deer (deer season is coming up). I am drawing a blank on the name of this rock. But its pretty neat. I had thoughts of hiking up to it, but then thought better as packing a 30 pound kid for a couple miles did NOT sound like fun!

Maddy fell asleep in GG's lap. Her position cracked me up.
It doesn't look so bad, til you look closer....
That would be her head on the arm of the chair, face in the cup holder.
I woke up the first night, shortly after sacking out to banging on the trailer. Chris was out of bed so I went to check it out, a little irritated that he was making noise that would wake up the kids. Come to find out, a packrat had gotten underneath the fiberglass siding and they were trying to get it out. It's midnight. Peyton woke up in tears cause he heard the 'boom boom boom' and didn't know what was going on. That woke up Maddy who had been asleep for 3 hours. She now thought it was play time, then got mad and cried for over 4 hours. She didn't go back to sleep til 5 am! It was so darn miserable. We got home Monday and Chris went out later that night to take the trash out. Dang pack rat rode home in our truck! Yeppers, it was in our engine compartment! lol...Chris set Decon out for the little bugger and I hope to never see him again!
I have a fun layout and quick mini album to share so check back soon! I also will be participating in a Creative Cuts & More Blog Hop soon!


Suzanne said...

Great pics Kayla! Looks like everyone had a great time. Oh, and that HAIR!!! I LOVE that hair! Makes me smile every time! :-D

Aphra said...

Beautiful pics, Kayla! And a packrat? Real animal? I had no idea. Glad your hubby took care of the varmit!

Rbarakat said...

Oh my goodness Kayla! a packrat!!! EEEK! Looks like other than that everybody had a good time - maddie looks so cute no matter what she does LOL!

Ann Martin said...

Sounds like you had a good time except for the sleepless night! Such cute kids and how sweet they like to play together. I never knew there was such a thing as a packrat, though I've heard the term - will have to google it!

Jill Sarginson said...

GREAT pics!! Abba would have loved to have been there with all those frogs!!


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