Monday, September 13, 2010

Pack rat saga continues!

And the pack rat saga continues! haha! Well, its not really funny, more frustrating, but ya gotta find humor in the frustrating things to keep sane, right? A lot of you mentioned you hadn't heard of a pack rat. Well, here is a link to Wikipedia's definition of a pack rat:

So we thought we had rid ourselves of the nasty little thing. Well we were wrong! Chris went to start the truck Saturday morning and it made a horrible sound and died! Yikes...of course my first thought is 'here we go again' and 'I wonder if the Ford dealership charges to tow less than a mile....' Chris got out and went to lift up the hood and noticed the little bugger under the truck! Yep, he got taken out by the fan! It was GROSS! We had rat organs on our driveway! haha! But at least we know its dead right??? But that didn't help the truck restart. :-( Nope...Chris got the idea to take a fuel can and get more diesel as the guy we bought it from mentioned that fuel gauge was a little off. It said their was a quarter of a tank left, but it worth a try before paying to have it towed. Yep, that was the problem, no diesel. Chris poured some in and started it up and was on his way! I was SSSOOO glad that the rat hadn't chewed any wires or holes in anything else!

Now on to some scrappy inspiration. Helen at Scrap A Little came out with a new sketch at the beginning of the month.
This is my take on it:
This is Peyton with his Uncle Coco! Peyton LOVES to play games and tries to sucker everyone who comes through the front door to play a game with him.


Mel said...

Adorable LO Kayla! Glad the truck was ok in the end:)

Aphra said...

Oh, well, duh . . . a rat! I was picturing some half ant eater half raccoon sort of thing. Ha, ha! Glad the saga is over. So, who got to clean up the driveway?

LOVE the layout. Perfect use of that line. :)

gottaluvboyz said...

Great LO and I love the sketch, too! Goodness about the rat!

Paisley Petals said...

Cute page - love the doodles!


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