Monday, June 22, 2009

Some of my finds over the weekend!

I found a few good deals this weekend! I was really disappointed as there was a big town-wide garage sale on Saturday, but neither of the kids were cooperating so I didn't end up stopping at that many sales.
I made out like a bandit on this one! I actually snuck out to this garage sale Friday night as she was setting up! She had Thickers and rub-ons! Yep, two of my favorite products at the moment. I even got me a package of Slick Writers!
Then I found this great little bike for only $5 and it came with training wheels! Thanks Julie...I think I got the best end of that deal!

I remember these nickel boards from Junior High. When I took woods I ended up making a nightstand instead of this game. I bought it more for memories than anything, but Peyton has really enjoyed playing with it today. You flick a nickel back and forth, taking turns, with the goal of making your nickel into your opponents hole.

Check back tomorrow, I have a few more layouts to share!


Terri said...

You got some GREAT deals!!! That game looks like so much fun & I've never heard of it!! Have LOTS of fun playing with all your new goodies!!

Rbarakat said...

Wow girl - next time you go to a gargae sale you better invite me! Have fun with all you goodies!

jenney said...

Awesome finds! I've never heard of the nickels game?


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