Friday, June 19, 2009

More layouts!

Ever have those layouts you look at on-screen and go, I should have moved this up a little or this down a little? Yeah, this is one of those, I wish the pink felt branch and goodies would have been a tad bit higher. Oh well I guess!
Another layout using the FABULOUS Kaiser Craft line! We joked that Maddy was tanning when she was under the biliruben lights. The nurses stuck little pieces of velcro to her head and put these little sunglasses on her. She kept ripping them off though so they ended up putting a tube around the sunglasses.
I scraplifted this one, but can't remember whose site I got the idea from at the moment. I know I have it written down somewhere!

I found some great deals while garage saling this weekend. I'll have to get pictures and share! Anyone else garage sale? Find any great deals?


gottaluvboyz said...

Great layouts, Kayla! I have lost my mojo lately...I'm jealous of you lol! Keep it up, girl:)

Terri said...

I LOVE your LOs & think the 1st one looks perfect just the way it is!!


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