Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kaiser Craft Layout & Stink Ball Instructions

I just LOVE this Kaiser Craft line. I may just have to go back and buy more of it! Its really overcast and icky today so the pictures didn't come out all that well, but its supposed to be this way for the rest of the week so I figured I'd go ahead and get pictures of this layout. Maddy was a tad bit jaundiced so they wanted to nip it in the butt since she was a preemie and had her spend two days under the biliruben lights. They put little pieces of velcro on each side of her head to hold the cute little sunglasses in the layout on her head. But Maddy kept ripping them off, so they ended up putting a tube over the sunglasses to help keep them on. I am so proud of myself. I had these little strips of paper left that I just couldn't throw away as they were too pretty. So I made a quick card.

Here are the instructions to the Stink Ball, which I guess according to the instruction sheet is really called a Farmer's Dirt Baby.
Materials Required for one Dirt Baby:
  • 1 knee high stocking hose
  • 1 TBS of seed (annual ryegrass or other seed)
  • 2 (8) oz cups of potting soil
  • decorations of felt or pipe cleaners and wiggle eyes
  • scissors and hot glue gun


  • Open the knee-high hose and roll it down
  • Put the seed in the toe of the hose (which is the head)
  • Put the potting soil on top of the seed and pack the soil by shaking down the hose (you will have a ball now) and then tie a knot close to the ball of the hose. Leave 6-7 inches of your hose for the wick, and cut off the rest of the hose. Now decorate your baby.

Care of the Dirt Baby: You need to put the baby in a clear container or glass that is small enough at the mouth of the container so the base of the baby's head can sit upon the rim. Fill the container with water just to the base of the baby's head. Keep the container full of water to feed the baby. In 3-7 days the baby will sprout hair. In two weeks the baby will have lots of hair, and may need its first hair cut. As long as the baby is fed plenty of water it will keep growing if the hair is trimmed. Enjoy your dirt baby, and remember that all babies need a name by the time they have hair.


Terri said...

Oh, your LO & card are soooooooooooo pretty!! LOVE those papers!! CUTE story!!!

Thanks so much for posting the "recipe" . . . you ROCK!!

ellen s. said...

i love the layout! and that stink ball thing cool! do you have a photo of one, reminds me of a chia pet?


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