Friday, June 5, 2009

Mini Album & Ronald McDonald House

I completed this mini album last night. I think I am going to make a few other items from the same line of paper and create a little basket of goodies to donate to our local Relay For Life Auction.

Thursday night we were invited to attend a Luau Auction & Dinner Fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House in Bend. Of course we jumped at the opportunity. Upon arrival we checked in and were given a little booklet full of info about Ronald McDonald House, the dinner, the auction items, sponsors, etc. It automatically flipped open to the center and low and behold there was our story! Now I can say I have a center fold family! haha...I'm having issues with my scanned image, but here is the story:

In January 2009 my wife and I were faced with a situation that we never thought we would ever be in. My wife’s water broke and went into labor 6 weeks before her due date. When our baby girl “Madeline” was born, the doctors and nursing staff of St. Charles Hospital informed us that Madeline would have to spend time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. They told us to prepare for up to 6 weeks with out being able to take Madeline home as they would have to hook her up to machines, run tests, and monitor her closely to ensure that she develops well and can survive on her own with out the help of special machines.

The news that our baby girl could stay in the hospital for six weeks had an emotional affect that was made less burdensome by the staff of the Bend Ronald McDonald House. The overall experience that we had with the Ronald McDonald house was amazing. All of the staff was very courteous and took the time to get to know us and show a true deep concern for the situation that we were in. Because we lived over an hour away and the hospital encouraged us to visit Madeline every 3 hours, the Ronald McDonald House filled a need that we were faced with by being so close and providing for a safe and comfortable environment for us to relax and reside for the short time that we were there.

Madeline was able to progress quickly and showed strength that allowed for us to return home after 1 week. During our week the Ronald McDonald House provided us with activities for our 2 year old to part take in such as toys, games, and passes to local kid centers. We did not have to worry about food and drinks as local groups and individuals provided meals, groceries and other staples for the residents of the house to enjoy. The house was amazingly clean and had the appeal of an upscale neighborhood home.

Our experience with the Ronald McDonald house would be rated a 10+ on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest satisfaction level. We are forever in the debt of the Ronald McDonald House Charities and will promote and speak of the charity with the highest regards.

Thank you Ronald McDonald House Charities!


Terri said...

What an AWESOME album & the journaling brought tears to my eyes! Just FAB!!!

Elia said...

How beautiful you are. Very cheerful and colorful!
Congratulations on your work and your blog
a hug from Madrid


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