Friday, June 3, 2011

Cosmo Cricket Double Pager and Camping

Hello there! This week has been super busy! Monday was filled with returning from camping and LOTS of laundry and cleaning. Tuesday I spend the day at my Mom's house. Wednesday was preschool and Peyton's last day of T-ball. Thursday was preschool and story time at the library as well as still trying to catch up from the extended weekend. Then today we took off at for garage sales and some play time at the park. Not leaving much time for much of anything!

I do have a layout to share I completed last week though. I lifted a layout I saw on Julie Bonner's Blog a while back. I've had these photos for some time. This years Round-Up is just a few weeks away! The Round Up is a pretty big even in these parts. They have a FABULOUS parade. My favorite part of the parade...the sanitary company turning trash cans into drums and beating out music as they marched by! Lots of horses and past princesses and queens riding horses too. They fill the park with vendors and live music as well as a few activities for the kids. One of the activities was to paint a wood horse. These horses were then raced before the horse races on Sunday. Peyton was pretty overwhelmed and overheated during the race. But I think he enjoyed it! I'm curious to see if he does it again this year.

Sorry about the shadow in the lower left.
The 'Wrangler' was given to Peyton after the race.

I took a ton of photos over the weekend. I haven't had a chance to really go through all of them that much. But here are two I took having fun with the campfire.
Many of us were sitting around the fire chit-chatting and I pulled out my camera to play.
This is what you get when you throw a Christmas tree on top of the fire! haha! I think we timed it at 30-45 seconds to be fully engulfed! :-0

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A Sarasota said...

love your 2-pager! I'm going to lift your lift, love it!

~jan said...

I love parades too! The Round Up looks like a lot of fun! This is an awesome 2-pager, Kay! Love the banner with the title above it (Im going to have to remember that!)

Rbarakat said...

Adorable pages!!

Paisley Petals said...

The roundup sounds like tons of fun! The LO turned out sooo cute ;)


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