Friday, June 24, 2011

Layouts and Garage Saling

I have been super busy lately! Haven't I been saying that the last couple of posts???? I just finished up, well, almost finished up a special mini for a blog hop I'm participating in late July! Keep your eyes open for it! Its one of my favorites I have ever made!

While at the wedding last weekend, I remembered it was my Mother-in-laws birthday today! :-0 I had nothing in mind and no ideas! I had started her an 8x8 album a while back so I decided to pump out a couple simple layouts to add to it. After all, its all about the photos, right?
My good friend Karen won this adorable October Afternoon camping line and had it sent to me cause she knew I'd have lots of camping and outdoor photos! I just LOVE this line!
For this Christmas layout I used my My Minds Eye paper stack and a few other odds and ends of embellies.
Sorry about the glare in the photo above. Remember...I said super don't get much more simple than this one! ;-) I used Echo Park for this one!

I need to work harder at making sure I do layouts for my mom's and mother-in-laws albums. I get so behind in my own I forget about theirs!

Not on to garage saling! I just LOVE this time of year when they start popping up like crazy! I try to limit how many I go to and plan a little route out so that I can get the most out of both kids! Yes...I take both with me! :-0 I hit some REALLY good sales today. Wanna see some of what I got?

This Little People Set in EXCELLENT shape, the gal had even taped the above image to the front of a plastic zippered bag she kept the animals in. Its roughly around $50 and I got it for $5!!!!
This game has gotten much cuter than the version I played as a kid. Cowboy hat and bows instead of ears. Lips and teeth instead of the chin swirl thing. Skates and feet instead of legs. Yeah...much cuter! It looked brand new, only a $1.
These things are so fun! They are called Popoids. Amazon has the set for around $50-60. This isn't the set we got, but really similar. I scored it for $2!
A Spiderman Mask to go with the Spiderman costume I bought Peyton for a quarter. Making his whole halloween costume under $1!!!!!

I also found a really nice OSU fleece jacket and t-shirt for Peyton, some cones to set up courses for Peyton on his bike and a few other things. Tomorrow is a neighborhood garage sale. I'm hoping to find a little childrens table and chair set for our kitchen.


Carla said...

Kayla, I already knew you rocked at scrapboo9king, but shopping, too! If you're ever in my neck of the woods, we'll scrapbook & shop!!

April said...

Awesome pages and wow, did you rack up at those sales! I also love finding awesome deals like that at yard sales. ;)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for always leaving such sweet comments! It's very appreciated...
- April

Mel said...

Great finds Kayla! I love yard sale season too!!

Paisley Petals said...

You're right, they are simple layouts but still really cute! Glad you are getting use out of the OA papers...cause you know I wouldn't be, lol.

Jill Sarginson said...

score on the garage sale finds! I LOVE garage sales!! :)

Such a sweet thing to make an 8x8 album! :)


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