Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Monkey Birthday Layout

I wasn't planning on sharing this layout, but my mom really liked it, so I figured I'd share it! This is one of those layouts I'm not overly happy about but can't figure out why.
These photos are from Peytons 4th birthday. Yeah...he did just celebrate his 5th birthday 2 months ago...I'm a bit behind! ;-) I've had these large chipboard alphas and numbers for a couple years. One of those things I HAD TOO have, but haven't ever used! I stapled a couple pieces of ribbon that seemed to coordinate really well with the papers. I also did some faux pleating to add some umph (yep..that a real word...at least in my dictionary!).
Reminisce has some really cute monkey lines. I added Adornit tiny types to this sticker to make it my title.

I've posted the June Cosmo Cricket Challenge at Scrapbook.com. Go check it out here. The winner will receive an Odds & Ends Collage Kit and Mini deck! How cool is that?

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I'm still trying to catch up! I have some photos to share once I can get a few spare minutes. So you might get them before next Memorial Day! ;-)


gottaluvboyz said...

I love it! Great idea for the title!

~jan said...

What an adorable layout! I love how you made the j-spot your own with the little letters! Im many more years behind than you are so dont feel so bad! *laugh*

Justin said...

I think it's cute! I have tons of chipboard stuff too...need to remember to pull it out every once in a while. I love how you stapled the ribbon on it & altered the tag to be your title!

Justin said...

Ugh, this is Karen, not Justin ;)

Jamilie said...

Love it!! Too cute!


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