Monday, May 23, 2011

Plasma Car and Organization

I saw this little container at the Dollar Tree. It was bare wood. I thought the shape was cute and would look good somewhere in my moms kitchen, as she has bird houses in there. Then I remember that she had a little tub with all notepads and pencils in it. So...I did this to the little box:
I spray painted it white and then covered the front and sides in patterned paper. I then glued on one of my satin flowers to the front. I sure wish I could get a better picture of the satin flowers...they are so cool!
So this is what her area looked like before....
And this is after! Much better in my opinion! ;-)

I was able to go garage saling this weekend! A couple on Friday and a couple on Saturday. Peyton saw a Cat in the Hat hat and REALLY wanted it! This morning I hit a good garage sale. This sale kinda cracked me up. There were three little kids outside and they were having the garage sale all by themselves! :-0 At one point I heard one of the kids say 'hey that wasn't yours!' and the boy she was talking to said 'well, it was in my room so I'm selling it!' Haha! CRACKED me up! Peyton got his first nerf gun and hasn't let it out of his site! I also got this little Plasma Car (I just posted the link to Amazon in case you were interested in what it was like) for $5! This is THE COOLEST little thing ever! I even hopped on it and took it for a spin! :-0 Can you imagine my poor neighbors and what they are thinking? Peyton riding it down the street with his hat on and then me taking a try at it? haha!
You turn the steering wheel back and forth and it moves you forward! Pretty fun if you ask me! Although my old body couldn't take it for long. My hip started to hurt. *insert embarrassed look*

We also hit the libraries book sale. I found a couple books for the kids that I will put in our camp trailer and a Site Words Bingo game. It was really similar to this one, but had dice instead of a spinner. We've already had two rounds of games with it! He LOVES it! And I LOVE it as its educational and helping him learn his words! :-)

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patti west said...

Gaaaaaa!!! That hat is too much!! ROFL!!! :) :) LOVE the organizer, Kay!!! That looks so pretty on your table!!! tfs! :)

Mara... said...

What a pretty organizer you made, it looks great on that table! And I'm LOLing at that hat!!!

Paisley Petals said...

bwahahaha! That hat is TOO funny! I can't wait to see it on a layout :)


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