Monday, May 2, 2011

Childrens craft

I saw this idea quite a while ago and can't remember if I saw it on a blog or in a magazine. On one of my trips to the local thrift store, I spotted a salad spinner for a buck. I couldn't resist giving the craft project a try.

First off, I cut a paper plate (the cheap thin kind) down to fit in the bottom. of the salad spinner. Then I had Peyton squeeze some paint onto the plate.
We found it best to squeeze the paint into the center of the plate.
Next, put the salad spinner's lid back on and spin away.
This is the end result:

Peyton had a BLAST making them. We gave one to each Grandparent for Easter. :-) It definitely is a craft we will repeat!

Thanks for stopping by!


Hannah said...

Awesome idea! I think we'll have to try it out!

Danielle Hunter said...

What a cutie! Fun project!

Paisley Petals said...

This looks so fun!


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