Friday, May 6, 2011

Garage Sale Finds

I was able to get out first thing this morning and hit a few garage sales this morning! I thought I'd share some of my finds!

This was my last find. 50 cents. I have been loving all the 7 Gypsies trays I've been seeing, but just can't stomach the $17+ for them. So I figured this would be a great substitute once I got it painted. Of course I'll change out the red rope too. Any guesses on what it is? It is a tray to hold Melissa and Doug wooden dolls! :-)

I hit a fantastic sale. Cheap cheap prices and great toys like this flannel book. I thought it would be great for the trailer.
And Peyton was pretty darn excited to find a Woody, Jess and Buzz figurines.
The big Spiderman he has barely let out of his site! :-) The dino on the left is a Imaginext one. Its wings flap, mouth and claws open and it makes noise. Imgainext makes such cool dinosaur toys.
I had fun playing with the Zip Track and Peyton thought it pretty cool.

I also got 4 scrapbook magazines (2 of them from this year), a cute t-shirt for Maddy and a game! My total spending for the day was only $7.50!

Garage I've missed you! :-)

Make sure to check back soon! I have a few projects I've been waiting til after Mother's Day to share!


gottaluvboyz said...

Awesome finds!!!! Have a great weekend:)

patti west said...

oh can rock that wooden frame, kay!!! yay for fun sales and little goodies for the kids too. :)

Paisley Petals said...

Love the idea of using the M&D boxes in place of the expensive trays! You are soooo smart ;)


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