Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New layouts!

Okay, I'm getting quite frustrated with not being able to upload all the pictures I want too. lol...I even shrink them down and it still doesn't work. Ugh...

I have been scrapbooking a tiny tiny bit. Since I don't have much time to, I've been keeping my layouts super simple.

I journaled on the back of this layout. He is such a goofball sometimes. Here he is sitting in his sisters bumbo seat and stuck in the coffee table.

I figured the papers were so busy that I didn't need a whole lot for this one. Peyton got a really cool real golf set from his Grandpa and Grandma GG's for his 3rd birthday. It looked a lot like Chris's set. After a while of playing in the backyard with Chris, I looked out the window to find him playing with a grocery bag that had blown into the back yard! lol...Isn't that typical for a little kid? This kid has a swing. We took away his inside plastic golf clubs at around 2 1/2 as he was hitting the ball so hard it would bounce off of three walls!


Jamilie said...

Love these layouts!! The colors are fab!!

Suzanne said...

Great layouts! The paper on the bottom one is so cool, very psychadelic! :-)

Kristie said...

I was going to comment on the bottom layout's paper too but I see Suzanne beat me to it! Love the look of it~
Merry Christmas!!!


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